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Students Feedback From Fashion Design Institute in Pune – Times and Trends Academy

Students Feedback From Fashion Design Institute in Pune – Times and Trends Academy

TTA – fashion design institute in Pune has empowered the fashion designing industry with thousands of creative, talented and amazing fashion designers. Happily, the trend continues, and the academy is slated to deliver many more fashion designing professionals in the years to come.

The success of every fashion designing institute is in the success of its students, their contributions to the industry, and the heights they’ve reached in their career. In this view, this blog compiles testimonials from some of TTA’s best fashion designing students. Enjoy reading!

Student 1

Honestly, before joining TTA, I wasn’t sure whether I’d make it big in the fashion designing industry. I mean, I loved fashion designing a lot, but I was sceptical if I will be able to turn my hobby into my profession. But, TTA stepped in my life as a saviour, honed my fashion designing skills, and gave me the confidence to deliver despite odds.

It helped me land into my dream job, and look at me today – I am successfully working with a reputed fashion house, handling all of their high profile clients, and creating happy customers! Of course, the credit goes to TTA. Thanks a lot TTA, and wish you a wonderful journey!

Student 2

I still remember, as an aspirant, I was searching for the best fashion design institute in Pune, and came across TTA. Until then, I had heard a lot about TTA and wondered if an academy can deliver so much, and create such great careers in real-life. But, when I enrolled with TTA and began my course, I understood why TTA is indeed the fashion designing academy.

The course curriculum, fashion designing infrastructure, faculty members, industry experts, and the learning environment – everything is just perfect! TTA helped me turn into a fashion entrepreneur, and I thank the academy for everything it did for me!

Student 3

Back then, when I joined TTA, I hailed from a financially poor background, with not much time, or funds to support my education. But, one thing I knew for sure, and that was pursuing a career in fashion designing. I wanted to begin my career at the earliest so that I could support my family financially. After visiting almost every fashion designing institute in Pune, I eventually reached TTA.

The staff at TTA explained to me the course options and recommended me TTA’s 1-year diploma course. The academy gave me the flexibility to pay in instalments, and hence, my family never felt the financial pressure while supporting my education with TTA.

I am proud to share, I now work as the creative head of a fashion designing house, and have prospered in my life. All thanks to TTA. You don’t just make great careers, but build great lives!

Student 4

I was a fashionista during my school days and aspired to become a fashion designer. TTA, through its fashion designing course, helped me develop my abilities as a fashion designer; improve my communication skills, and the right approach to becoming a successful fashion designer that I am today.

With TTA, I got to meet Chandrakant Sonawane sir, the man behind the beautiful, royal costumes of Padmaavat, and Bajirao Mastani! My interaction with him helped me understand a lot of essential industry facts and how to keep improving my fashion designing skills. I am genuinely thankful to TTA, and wish the academy super-success!

TTA offers some of the best fashion designing courses in Pune. It provides equal growth and development opportunities to all its students. The academy’s reputation in the industry, the latest course curriculum, and the learning platform that it offers make it the best fashion design institute in Pune. So, enroll for TTA’s fashion designing course after 10th, and be an essential part of the fashion industry.