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Fashion Designing Courses

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Fashion Designing Courses

… Your stepping stone to the fashion world!

When we hear the word “fashion” the first thing that comes to our mind is stylish clothes, models showing off in a ramp walk. Fashion is really bigger than those ramp walks. With time, most people are getting fashion conscious. Fashion is the unique identity of an individual.

Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice in clothing, accessories, makeup, footwear, hairstyles, etc. It is the latest trends liked and followed by a large number of people at same time. Fashion is highly affected by the cultural and social attitudes.

It is an art! Like literature or poetry or sketching or music that give a meaning to life, fashion too is a creative art. Imagine the world without all of these arts….it will look bland!!

Whether fashion is an extension of your personality, a medium of self-expression, a way to use clothes in the form of creativity or an art form with a certain poetry; it involves putting your soul and emotions onto a piece of clothing and creating something that people love.

If you want this art to be a great career for you, there are many courses available for entry in this field. With numerous courses available in the market, you may be confused about which is the best.

Know More About our Courses:


  • You get step-by-step instructions and real-life examples
  • You learn how to fit your new job or business into your busy life
  • You understand how to decide what to do and what not to
  • You get a clear picture of the kind of fashion that makes the most sense for you

It often happens that students take admissions for different courses they just get theoretical knowledge. But the course we offer at our academy are full of practical exposure!!

This course is aimed at taking you on a journey of the fashion industry with a promise of having your name resound loud and clear in the fashion world, even if you don’t think you have it in you.

With many years of experience in the fashion industry and having given birth to hundreds of fashion designers, Times and Trends Academy (TTA)  is all about creating promising careers. The host of accolades stand proof of our unwavering commitment to our students.

Our course include organizing workshops, guest lectures, industry visits, etc. There are online programs for personality developing. We have course of technician and entrepreneur level. This enables students to take a highly paid job or start own business.  We believe that student should get to know the practical application of their knowledge whenever they enroll for the course. We have excellent course with a comprehensive yet student friendly curriculum.

These professional course touch on every aspect of fashion designing and selling your product. Such courses train you about how to approach your first production. At Times and Trends Academy, our courses help you know the secrets of finding and identifying the right master tailors, pattern makers, sample makers. In this course, you will learn everything about Finding Fabrics and Suppliers; gain an understanding of the 4 C’s: Customers, Culture, Competition and Concepts. These courses leads you to the D-Day – the selling phase. You have gone through the grind and you have your clients waiting. It’s time to sell! Our courses also guide you for setting up your own boutique and inviting your clients.

The fashion world is awaiting you. Enroll in our course and begin the journey for a remarkable career..




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Course: Fashion Designing

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Course: Fashion Designing

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Course: Fashion Designing

Placed: Myraa

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