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Interior Design Trends: The Future Is Here; Are You Prepared?

Hi there, aspiring designers and lovers of beautiful spaces! The field of interior design is […]

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Fashion Design: Trends and Innovations in 2023

Success in the quick-paced field of fashion design depends on staying one step ahead of […]

The Sorcery Of Creative Thinking!

As a graphic designer…  German industrial designer Dieter Rams said that good design makes products […]

What is Game Art? The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Game artist! Charming the designation is, isn’t it? The word artist makes it fascinating for […]

Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position

Top 6 Interview Questions and Answers for an Event Planning Position Event planning, as you […]

Everything you want to know about becoming a Wedding Planner

These days, people take weddings seriously. They want everything to be perfectly planned, organised, and […]

Top 5 Tips to Write Better Event Descriptions

As students of event management courses in Pune, your trainers would ask you to write […]

5 Reasons why you should pursue a Career in Event Management

If you are wondering why take up a diploma in event management, and pursue a […]

What is Stop Motion Animation and how is it done?

Continual evolution has been an integral part of animation throughout, right since its inception, to […]

Understanding PUBG and Fortnite – Which One Is Better?

So, you’ve heard about both, PUBG as well as Fortnite, haven’t you? But, as a […]

Complete Guide to Game Design Careers in India

Have games always fascinated you? Do you wish to turn your fascination into a prospering […]

Top 8 Benefits of AutoCAD Diploma & Certification for Architecture Students

AutoCAD is one of the latest, and also one of the most useful interior designing […]

Know About Career, Salary & Education Information in Interior Designing & Decoration

Interior designing is a challenging yet exciting career choice. It demands creativity and logical thinking, […]

How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps

So, you want to design your room on your own? Ok, so let us not […]

Study Interior Design Course Help for Students Bright Career Option

If you are planning to enroll for interior designing courses in Pune and pursue a […]

How can a Fashion Designer Become an Entrepreneur?

So, you are a fashion designer, and want to become a fashion entrepreneur! At the […]

Understanding Animation & VFX Software – Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop & After Effects

It’s been 5-6 years since the movies Gravity and Interstellar released, but we’ve neither forgotten […]

Use of Technology and Tools in Fashion Designing

When it comes to fashion, people have become more demanding than ever. They need something […]

Top 6 Event Planning Careers for the Aspiring Events Professional

Event planning is a challenging career. No doubt! But, at the same time, it opens […]

Students Feedback From Fashion Design Institute in Pune – Times and Trends Academy

TTA – fashion design institute in Pune has empowered the fashion designing industry with thousands […]

Know About Fashion Design Career Who Want To Join Fashion Industries

Are you a budding fashion designer looking forward to joining the fashion industry? If yes, […]

How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Interior Design

From smartphones to talking assistants, technology has transformed our way of living and thinking. It […]

This Is Why You Should Join Event Management Institute

What is Event Management? Event management is a profession that powerfully combines the skills of […]

Know Different Animation Courses

What is an animation course? There are several animation courses available that students all different […]

Why are Visual Effects Courses in Demand?

Visual effects courses are a great way to inculcate a student’s creative attributes by getting […]

Learn About Eligibility Criteria for VFX Course Details

What is VFX? VFX is the term used to denote visual effects that are done […]

Why Are Event Management Courses Hot Pick for Students?

What is Event Management all about? Event management is the art of combining the technical […]

Know About Scope of Event Management Careers

What is Event Management? Event management careers revolve around the application of project management to […]

Career Opportunities in Financial Accounting Courses

What is Financial Accounting? Financial accounting is that specific branch of accounting that deals with […]

Know More About Diploma in Financial Accounting

What is financial accounting? Financial Accounting is the process by which the financial details of […]

Why is ACCA Training Essential?

What is ACCA The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, commonly known as ACCA, is a […]

Why is ACCA Course in Demand?

What is an ACCA Course? ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a leading […]

ABCs of ACCA Certification

What is ACCA The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA as it is commonly […]

ABCs of Interior Decorating Courses

What is interior decorating? Interior decorating refers to the science and art of creating an […]

You Can Pursue Animation Course After 12th

What is animation? An animation is the art of creating illusions from motion and giving […]

Animation Course Easily Explained

What is Animation? An animation is defined as a simulation where the display of pictures […]

Pursue B.Sc Animation to Become the Next-Gen Animator

What is an Animation? An animation is a process by which illusion of movement is […]

Learn Animation at Times & Trends Academy

What is an Animation? An animation is a process by which one can design, draw […]

Know More About Capital Market Courses

What is a Capital Market? Capital Market is defined as the market where sellers and […]

What’s Diploma in Interior Designing?

What is interior design? Interior designing is the artistic ability that allows a person to […]

Why should you join a Fashion Designing Institute?

What is fashion designing? Fashion designing is an art form that is dedicated to the […]

Why Fashion Technology Courses Are Trending?

What is fashion Technology? Fashion Technology can be defined as a concept that allows clothing […]

Who is a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion stylist is also commonly referred to as a wardrobe stylist. Wardrobe stylists work […]

Learn About Fashion Designing Courses in Pune

Why Should You Choose Fashion Designing in Pune With Pune’s vicinity to Mumbai, the fashion […]

Know What Fashion Design Institute Can Offer

What is Fashion Designing? Fashion designing courses are meant for students who have a keen [...]

Why Fashion Designer Course is in Demand?

What does a Fashion Designer Course Entail? A fashion designer course is a curriculum that […]

Fashion Designing Colleges & More About Them…

What is Fashion Designing? Fashion designing colleges have seen a drastic surge both in the […]

Get all the Fashion Designing Course Details

What is Fashion Designing? Fashion designing is a global institution today. Fashion designing course details […]

What Courses Are Fashion Designing Institutes Offering?

What is fashion designing? Fashion designing institutes educate students on the basics of applying designs […]

360 Degree View of Fashion Designing Course Details

A fashion designing course details the various aspects of fashion designing that a student would […]

Why Join an Event Management Institute?

What is Event Management? Event management is an area of work where one applies the […]

Know Everything About VFX Courses

What are Visual Effects? Visual effects courses teach students to create effects that cannot be […]

3d Animation Courses fees, VFX & More…

What is an Animation Course? An Animation Course involves Computer Animation where animations that are [...]

Here are Interesting Event Management Careers for You

Event management involves the application of project management in order to create and execute large-scale […]

Learn Animation to Design Highly-Paid Career

What is Animation? The animation is the process by which one can make illusions of […]

BSc Animation Course for Next-gen Animators

What is Animation? Animation is a process whereby one can make illusions of motion and […]

Pursue ACCA IFRS to Grow in Your Career!

What does an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Course entail? The ACCA IFRS course comprises […]

Give an Edge to Your Career with an ACCA Diploma in IFRS

An ACCA Diploma in IFRS allows students to develop a deep working knowledge in the […]

Why IFRS Certification is Gaining Popularity..?

What is an IFRS Certification? The international financial reporting standards or IFRS Certification is a […]

Learn More About Fashion Technology Courses Here!

Students interested in learning about fashion design, merchandising and the marketing aspects of this industry […]

Fashion Designer Course Explained in a Nutshell

Fashion Designer Course is aimed at the people who are good with creativity because in […]

How Interior Decorating Courses are Different

This course is very similar to interior designing but differs significantly as the latter requires […]

Why Financial Accounting Courses Are Path-breaking?

What is Financial Accounting? Financial Accounting courses teach students the technical skills that are required […]

Why Accounting & Finance Courses Can Help Elevate Your Career

Accounting as we know is the process of recording a company’s financial transactions and involves […]

How can ACCA Redefine Your Career?

What is ACCA? The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a UK body that offers […]

How can ACCA Certification give a Boost to your Career in Finance & Accounts?

What is an ACCA Certification? An ACCA Certification is offered by the global professional accounting […]

Learning Event Management

Each one of us experiences events in our lives. With the ascent in the ways […]

Fashion Business Course

Not all the people who are interested in the fashion designing would want to be […]

Capital Market Courses

Before we begin with what are capital market courses , let us understand what capital […]

Fashion Designing Schools

Most of us get very interested when it comes to fashion design; probably this is […]

How You Pick One of The Best Event Management Colleges..?

Most of the aspirants enroll for an event management course in any Event Management College thinking […]

30 Simple Tips To Turn Your Life Into An Amazing Event!

Without wasting even a micro-second, let’s discuss how you can take control of your life. […]

Why Vocational Courses are important?

Today, if you look around, you will realize that a number of people applying for […]

The Art of Hiring The Best People

Here’s something that will give you food for thought: In the next one and a […]

Interested In Fashion Stylist Career?

One of the most emerging fields in the fashion industry is fashion styling. But, lack […]

Fashion Designing Institute-Leverage Technology In Your Fashion Business

You cannot deny technology in any type of business. Therefore, while choosing a fashion designing […]

Fashion Design Institute-Learn Creating Signature Piece

While pursuing a course from a fashion design institute , you would be probably taught […]

Interior Designing Course-Plan Your Own Business

By now, many of you must have got your certificates of the Interior Designing Course […]

Fashion Designing Colleges – Fashion Designer Dilemma

Fashion designers must have discussed this in their fashion designing colleges, or some designers must […]

Fashion Designing Institutes – DNA Factor In Fashion Design

The passion for fashion designing will probably take you to one of the fashion designing […]

Interior Designer Course – Have you got what it takes?

The Essentials of an Interior Designer Course: There are certain aspects of the design business […]

Interior Designer Institutes – Entrepreneur In Interior Designing

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is amongst the Interior designer institutes that not only focuses […]

Interior Designing Course: Know About Interior Design Market

Well, you should know and understand the interior design market before pursuing an interior designing […]

Interior Designing Courses – Understanding Interior Design Better

Capture your inner quest for interior design and understanding interior design courses better What drives […]

Things You Need To Know Before Pursuing A Fashion Design Course

This article will give you a background about fashion industry, fashion business, and what elements […]

Things To Know Before Appearing For An Interview

Interviews are really important for us. And interviews can be for a just couple of […]

Abhinav Bindra becomes the face of Times and Trends Academy (TTA)

Times & Trends Academy is proud to be associated with a decorated and celebrated personality […]

YCMOU Collaboration

Studies conducted recently have revealed that pursuing a course from university increases the employability of […]

Sales Tip: How to genuinely help a customer who’s shopping without pressurising him to buy?

Everyone loves shopping. There are certainly no two opinions about this statement. At least, women […]

Ten Amazing Traits of an Event Manager

Event Management is one of the most emerging offbeat courses these days. And surprisingly, there […]

Five Things That You Will Learn During Jewellery Designing Course

“Then there are people who want to be more than just a connoisseur, these people […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Thinking Of Doing a Personality Development Course

We have heard of Personality Development Courses. But, we have never actually thought of actually […]

How To Pick The Best Fashion Designing College?

Too many options are definitely confusing. We live in times where options for any products […]

Fashion Designing Course After 12th

Most of the students are staring blank when it comes to decision making after their […]

Understanding the Concepts of Harmony and Contrast in Interior Designing

If we were asked about the most important element in interior designing, most of us […]

Protection Theory: The Oldest Way of Clothing in Fashion History

We all think about fashion at times. Each of us has thought about the origin […]

Important Elements That You Will Learn in an Interior Designing Course

An interior designing course will not just be about creativity but also about technical aspects. […]

Ten Big Shot Fashion Designers of 2016

Fashion Designing is certainly a glamorous arena; there are no two opinions about this fact. […]

The Calvin Klein – An Inspirational Story in the World of Fashion Designing

For people who are looking up to fashion designing course, this blog will probably more […]

Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Pursue Interior Designing Course

So, if you want some reasons that can support interior designing course, then this is […]

Is Fashion Designing A Right Career For You? Let’s Check!

So, you are probably contemplating about making a career choice. And fashion designing is one […]

Where Should You Be Pursuing A Good Fashion Designing Course?

Making a decision if not challenging, might be tedious at times. Now, for once that […]

Important Things About Interior Designing That You Should Know

If you take an interest in knowing about interiors around you or are interested in […]

Curious About Fashion Illustration In Fashion Designing?

Curiosity is good but not for so long because curiosity can kill. Yes, it did […]

Are You Thinking Of An Interior Designing Course After 12th?

Most of the students must have just completed their 12th, and are probably thinking of […]

Basics of Event Management

All of us go through events and occasions in our lives. With the rise in […]

What is a Fashion Designing Course? Know All About It Here!

Before we begin with what is a fashion designing course, we will see what fashion […]

Everything You Should Know About Interior Designing

We do visit different places day-in and day-out, and we see so much of interior […]

Why Should You Be Doing Event Management?

There are many career options that are emerging these days. And out of these, Event […]

History of Autodesk 3ds Max

1988 After their success on the Atari, The Yost Group forms and begins a publishing [...]