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Top 6 Event Planning Careers for the Aspiring Events Professional

Top 6 Event Planning Careers for the Aspiring Events Professional

Event planning is a challenging career. No doubt! But, at the same time, it opens the door to a never-ending, and in fact, the ever-expanding universe of opportunities in the event management business. If you are an event planner in the making, or already one, you’ve got several career avenues to choose from. Read through this, and explore the top 6 event planning careers for budding events professionals.

6 Event Planning Careers for Events Professionals

If you are pursuing any of the event management courses, you must know what the future holds for you, and in what all areas you can venture once you enter the industry. As an events professional, you don’t have to limit yourself to working as an events planner. You can take up many other career options you’ll be now looking at.

1) Wedding Planner

Concepts such as destination wedding, theme wedding, etc. have increased the demand for wedding planners in recent times. Besides, couples want to make their weddings special, unique, and memorable, and hence they hire wedding planners to manage everything right from the wedding venue to the wedding menu!

2) Catering Manager

Some of you may have an innate understanding of food. So, for such people, a career as a catering services manager can prove to be the right choice. The job, however, may require some pre-education on food production. If you’ve got that with you, and you learn people-management through your event management courses, you prepare yourself to become a catering services manager.

3) Volunteer Coordinator

This is quite a challenging job. At times, it may involve preparing a new set of volunteers for a particular event, and that too in a short period. Besides, you have to stay active and on your toes to ensure you don’t let any problems arise, and even if they do, you are prompt enough to resolve them.

4) Event Social Media Coordinator

Wondering what’s this? Here’s the answer. Working as a social media coordinator includes the promotion of social media events to achieve the maximum number of attendees and exposure for the event. It also involves preparing social media posts, digital marketing, hashtags, and employ many other social media marketing techniques to ensure the events’ success. So, here, you’ll have to develop some technology-related skills to ensure success.

5) Sponsorship Coordinator

If you’ve got a flair for social service events such as planning events for non-profit organisations, or donor events, working as a donor or sponsorship coordinator is the right job for you! As a donor coordinator, you will help solicit donations by arranging dinners, lunches, or fundraising events. This way, you think the donors, and keep encouraging contributions.

To be a successful donor and sponsorship coordinator, you must have a special knack of connecting with people, and exceptional people management skills.

6) Venue Managers

As the venue in-charge, you must be able to determine what ambience and layout will work with what kind of event. Besides, you don’t just manage events at your venue, but also promote the space to attract more and more events.

Times and Trends Academy Event Management Courses

TTA’s event management courses aim at developing the skills required to become a successful events professional. The academy continues to build great event management careers and is famous for placing its students with the most reputed event management companies in Pune.

The courses focus more on practical learning, and hence offer a lot of exposure to various types of events throughout the course duration. So, if a career in event management attracts you, and you think you can make it big in the events industry, enrol for TTA’s event management courses.