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Job Oriented Course

Job Oriented Courses

We don’t just educate our students; we prepare them for an early career.

Only 14% of new Indian graduates are job ready!!
If you are somewhere between the age of 17 to 27 then perhaps there’s a cause to worry about your job prospects in India today.

With a good number of graduates not getting jobs and more and more employees being given the pink slip, even the best students are finding it difficult to get into their dream company.

Why Are Indian Graduates Not Getting Jobs?
Lesser Job Opportunities

With sectors like IT confessing to create 13% less jobs in 2016 (with the situation getting worse in the coming years) and a number of companies getting wound up, there aren’t a lot of job opportunities available in the country anymore. In the first quarter of the year itself, there was at least 20,000 less jobs created across sectors.

Increasing Indian workforce

By 2020, 60% of India’s almost 1.5 billion people will be amongst the working population. In the face of reduced job opportunities, the number of graduates competing for the same job will go higher. Competition already is rampant and the number is expected to go higher.

Obsolete educational approach

Everything from sending a mail to meetings are happening online, and yet there are certain institutes that stick to the old ways of education and teaching. To be at par – if not steer ahead – with the global workforce, your education and skills should be in tune with today’s requirements.

Companies looking for something extra

Today companies want the best out of each employee and someone with additional knowledge and skills and who can bring more to the table than what’s expected of them will be an added advantage for the company. And this is why most companies – both Indian companies and MNCs – see if the candidate has that something extra in him, if he can wear multiple hats, and if he can add value in other areas too.

How Can YOU ensure you don’t have to face unemployment in life?
Today, wherever you go to, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidate, and in a good way. Despite an exceptional academic background, you might still have to face rejections.

The solution?…
Present yourself as a package. Students who have more than just the technical requirements for a job are automatically seen in a better light and are given preference. If you were interviewing two fashion designers for a job at your firm, where both of them have a degree but one of them also has knowledge of fashion styling, which one would you hire? Obviously the one with additional knowledge.

And sometimes, even additional non-technical skills like managerial skills, communication skills, etc. can give you an upper hand over other candidates.

Usually, these courses come at an additional cost that can sometimes inch all the way up to a couple of lakhs. But TTA students don’t have to pay a single penny….

If you enrol for any of the course at Times & Trends Academy, whether it is Fashion Design, fashion stylist career or Animation, you will automatically have access to workshops, video modules, and one-on-one mentoring that will give you an upper hand over your peers.

At Times & Trends Academy, our aim is to ensure that our students not just get the best in-class knowledge and skills but also are job-ready to start an early career. So, come be a part of an ever-growing family!

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