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Interested In Fashion Stylist Career?

Interested In Fashion Stylist Career?

One of the most emerging fields in the fashion industry is fashion styling. But, lack of knowledge in the field, prevent students from entering this domain. Some students even end up doing fashion design, although they wanted to be fashion stylist in the first place. Recently the distinction between the fashion stylist career and fashion designer career has started becoming apparent.

This article will help you understand what

fashion stylist career

is all about. A fashion stylist career will revolve about selecting garments and accessories for various media like magazines, print, published editorials, TV ad campaigns, videos, concerts, or for that matter a fashion stylist career will also be about selecting garments and accessories for models, famous individuals, or any public figure.

  • A fashion stylist career is also about being a part of a team that includes working on a project with other fashion photographer, makeup stylist, designer, hair stylist, etc.
  • If you wish to have a good fashion stylist career, then you should also remember that networking is important because fashion stylist would often borrow clothes and accessories temporarily for their projects. Fashion boutiques and designers usually lend clothes and accessories to them. You need to make sure that you return the items in ‘as is’ condition.

In a fashion stylist career, you might have to do following tasks:

Fashion Stylist Career

  • Choose items for fashion magazines and media
  • Choose appropriate apparels for Public figures, celebs, TV shows
  • Arrange fashion paraphernalia for various projects like photo shoots or promos.
  • Suggest locations, props, looks, clothing for celebs, photo shoots.
  • A fashion stylist career also deals a lot with fashion photography and hair stylists.
  • A fashion stylist career may also evolve dealing with model agencies, PR agencies, and trainers.
  • Organizing fashion events and parades.
  • A fashion stylist sometimes has to write fashion blogs or articles for print media regarding new trends.
  • Be a guide to merchandisers and designers.
  • Being a speaker at fashion events and workshops.
  • Many fashion stylists are also faculty with leading fashion schools.

Fashion Stylist Career

Most of you are already picturing yourself as a Celebrity Stylist, but want to know what do they do? Let’s see that here!

  • A celebrity fashion stylist career is all about dedicatedly working with a celebrity. So styling the celebrity for a variety of events like a red carpet, commercial projects and shoots, advertisements, attending parties, etc.
  • The job of a celebrity fashion stylist is to make their client wear the best possible look for the occasion. So, this includes hair, makeup, apparels, accessories, etc.
  • As a celebrity stylist, you are also supposed to shop for your clients. The ball is in your court. You are supposed to make them look good with the best combination of clothes possible. So they have to make sure they pick the best.
  • Successful celebrity stylists get invited for many events and parties. So they do have many connections and also hold good influence on fashion trends in the industry.
  • Fashion Stylist career can be highly emotionally taxing because a lot of pressure stays on them. Their styling might sometimes get backfired because a celebrity gets too much attention, and there are critiques always writing about them. So, you need to be strong to take the criticism as well.
  • Celebrity stylists sometimes do have tie-ups with fashion designers. This allows them to have better control over production. It is quite a common practice for celebrities who make a frequent public appearance for awards.

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