Have You Got What It Takes To Become Integral Part Of TTA Family

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Have You Got What It Takes

Look at our existing business module; there is a lot for you to gain and achieve by joining our system.
A quick glance of what is involved. Have you got what it takes?

1) You hold an aspiration to be an integral part of TTA family as a Technician, Manager and Entrepreneur.

2) You are looking at a commitment to be an integral part of our family for life.

3) You are highly energetic.

4) You are passionate to be an entrepreneur with a proven track record of significant leadership, and you know how to motivate people to get their best productivity.

5) You are absolutely open to the option of relocating anywhere in your region, if need may arise.

6) You are prepared to pour efforts and long hours to make Times and Trends Academy (TTA) big.

7) You will commit yourself personally to the business rather than being an absentee investor or at the very least, join hands with a partner to operate the business on your behalf successfully and profitably.

8) You are able to make a significant financial investment.

9) As a Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisee, you equip the academy at your expense with furniture fixture, lighting, signage, seating, landscaping, air-conditioning and décor. While none of this material and equipment is bought from Times and Trends Academy (TTA), it should meet Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s specifications.

10) You believe in the hands-on approach and take a front seat in driving the business.

11) The start of any new business is a risk, and success will depend on a variety of parameters, not the least of which will be your commitment and ability in key areas.

12) Times and Trends Academy (TTA) offers extensive training and ongoing support, and also a brand name that has the strength to attract students from various regions and places. But, at the end of the day, the success will depend upon our collaborative performance. This is precisely why we are looking for a business partner who can follow our system that is proven and that has given us excellent results in the past. A system that is the product of 12 years of our experience in the education domain.

13) Our success lies with the fact that we are able to sustain high standards of operational and academic excellence, while focusing on creating new career opportunities on a regular basis. It is quite significant that our Master Franchisees/Unit Franchisees agree to our working philosophy within the Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s framework.

14) If you are not so great at following systems, then we are absolutely fine if you don’t opt for being a Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisees of Times and Trends Academy (TTA). It is not expected of you to reinvent the wheel. What we expect is You run the System, and let the System run the Business.

Have You Got What It Takes

15) Our Academy generally operates 12 hours, 7 days a week. This implies that you are required to work a number of different day parts, and days in a week to make sure that highest standards are met for all operating hours.

16) Our Academy requires an extreme hands-on approach to meet the standards. Managing the Academy like any other business requires you to be an expert into following seven domains by implementing the Standard Prototype System and Policies as shall be guided to you by us:

Have You Got What It Takes

17) You are able to commit to our Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisees Incubation Program ‘Take Charge of Your Business and Create Your Own Destiny’ for a period of 15 days full time.

18) Your ability to lead by example will make sure that your team is perfectly trained, and remains highly effective. There is this wonderful opportunity in the training process to experience 15 days of detailed training at our Academy which will give you a clear picture regarding how to start, run and grow your own training academy successfully and profitably.

19) The Master Franchisee documentation we sign together allows you to operate a specific Times and Trends Academy (TTA) according to the Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s standards for a period of to 15 years, renewable later on as per the mutual understanding.

20) The Unit Franchisee documentation we sign together allows you to operate a specific Times and Trends Academy (TTA) according to the Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s standards for a period of to 5 years, renewable later on as per the mutual understanding.

Some of the Roles & Responsibilities of Master Franchisee

  • Screening and Recruiting unit franchisees
  • Helping the owner in setting up and operating their Unit Franchisee
  • Rolling out unit franchise outlets
  • Monitoring the performance of the unit franchisees and providing required support
  • Liaison celebrity visits to its Master Franchisee/COE center and providing access to the same for students enrolled with unit franchisees

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