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Fashion Designing Institutes – DNA Factor In Fashion Design

Fashion Designing Institutes – DNA Factor In Fashion Design

The passion for fashion designing will probably take you to one of the fashion designing institutes. Maybe you have already got a list of fashion designing institutes in the country. And you are narrowing down the list of fashion designing institutes, or maybe already past that. But before you do that, you need to know certain things from the industry. Here’s another interesting article that you should not miss for any cost.

You are a designer because it’s your passion to create designs. You chose to be in one of the fashion designing institutes because you had passion for it. But, once you are out of any of these fashion designing institutes, and opt for business route, it is a different game altogether. This is the most exciting part of your business. From now on, you will be both the passionate designer who will create the design and the sales person who will sell the design. Both roles are interrelated. As a designer you need to know what your customer wants, and also pre-empt what the buyers of shops, stores, and other fashion houses want. This is the stage of your business where your creative skills and talent for earning money will work together. So, regardless of knowledge that you obtained from fashion designing institutes, you ought to have many other skills while running a business.

What customers want?

Fashion Designing Institutes

Very few

fashion designing institutes

are able to impart training on ‘customer.’ These fashion designing institutes fail to train budding designer on significant subjects like ‘customer needs.’

Create a design for that customer who is eager to wear your designs. Cater to his or her needs. Understand how they live. Understand their personality, their preferences, their habits and hobbies. Understand and pre-empt their fashion cravings. Create a design that will enhance his looks, which will enrich his lifestyle. The most important point you need to understand is what your target market is. What kind of people do you want buying your designs? Not all fashion designing institutes cover such aspects, but these aspects play a key role if you are aiming for the bull’s eye.

Good fashion designing institutes will also cover important subjects such as ‘identifying target audience.’ For instance, the Manyavar ethnic menswear brand, talks about “jaisa desh vaisa bhesh” the proud Indian who wears a kurta coat ensemble to an Oxford ceremony. The target is clear. Here is a line of ethnic formals for the erudite Indian man who takes pride in his culture. The clothes are stylish, chic, Indian, but sophisticated. Many designers sit down and write out the key attributes of their target customers. They create and answer questions related to the customer’s lifestyle, habits, education, professions and so on. The more your design is targeted towards a particular group with particular attributes, the better your chance of profits.

You must have understood why good fashion designing institutes also focus on business part. As you begin to create your design, always keep in mind who your ideal customer is. For instance, if you are creating a sportswear line for women, you could keep photographs of the various sportswomen at the game, and at various functions, displayed all the time. In fashion circles this practice is known as “keeping a muse”. Surround yourself with articles and photographs of this muse, and understand what keeps them ticking. Create a design they would love to wear.


Fashion Designing Institutes

Well, this is the heart of every business function in the fashion design industry. Fashion designing institutes do touch upon this area, but the detailing would depend upon the quality of the fashion designing institutes. Every designer has his own unique essence that he lends to his designs. This unique essence makes the designers creations distinctive. Even as you start your design career, understand this concept. Evolve this unique essence. In the fashion industry, this is called “the DNA” of the design. This DNA helps customers identify with your product, and call out your product amongst hordes of designs.

If you enroll with some of the best fashion designing institutes, you can always get in touch with alumni and look out for their designs. Some fashion designing institutes will go extra mile, and make some good case studies available to you. Some fashion designing institutes would go even further and get some designs for you to look and feel.

To evolve this DNA is a process that takes study, passion, intuition and energy. But when you get there, you will know it. It’s the Eureka moment of design. Use this DNA in every design you create. Document it if you must. The DNA could be anything from the fabric you use or the types of cuffs, the collar, or the flavor of your clothes, the personality of your clothes and so on. Your target will inspire the creation of your DNA.

As you evolve and establish your DNA always use it in all your collections. As the flavour of your collection for a new season changes make it a point that your DNA speaks out loud and clear through that collection. Your customers and buyers will expect this from you. You can study this by observing and analysing how established designers have done this in all their collections, over their successful years.

Typically, fashion designing institutes should also teach integrating designs. Some fashion designing institutes do conduct heavy workshops. Once you have mastered the art of integrating your DNA in every collection you can also use them in other products that you intend to add to your design house. For instance, Pantaloons as a brand caters to the upper middle class working professionals, with a contemporary outlook. Their clothes, shoes, accessories, and various articles in the home store all reflect the same attributes.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the best fashion designing institutes that offers fashion designing courses, and helps aspiring students achieve a successful career.