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Fashion Designing Colleges – Fashion Designer Dilemma

Fashion Designing Colleges – Fashion Designer Dilemma

Fashion designers must have discussed this in their fashion designing colleges, or some designers must have experienced this after passing out from any of the fashion designing colleges, especially just after starting out new business.

What’s in vogue?

Many successful fashion designers (passing out from fashion designing colleges) link their passion for fashion to their success. Their advice is that though you may initially take design decisions for volumes, profits and trends, you must always design what you passionately feel about. A number of new designers who want to develop their DNA prefer not to keep in touch with what’s in vogue. They shy away from intuitive inspirations. Yet, this is not always possible as you always need to be aware of what is happening on the fashion scene.

Your customers and buyers are always in touch with fashion trends. So, even though your designs may be eclectic and unique, you still have to be aware of fashion trends. Yet don’t be the victim of fashion trends. Fashion designing colleges like Times and Trends Academy (TTA) always ask students to follow one simple mantra: ‘Maintain your USP and DNA.’ Keep your target group in mind. Don’t ape a trend simply because it is reining the market.

Fashion Designing Colleges

If you have passed out from one of the best fashion designing colleges, then you would know about designing styles. Use trend that complements your designing style. Established designers opine that trends are iterative. You may have created a certain design but the collection didn’t do that well. You hold on to it. The seasons will change and your design will catch on and be the rage. It’s important to express your distinctive fashion sense at the right time, rather than trying something that is off tangent from trends, and then not getting any profits.

Fashion designing colleges will touch upon various subjects of elements of changes. Along with trends in design, changes in technology, the job scene, and lifestyle also have an impact on the industry. For instance, with the viewership going up for Pakistani serials, the trends of ethnic wear in India changed to accommodate the Pakistani Salwar, designer suits and so on. Customers are also now beginning to choose clothes that are anti-radiation. Be aware of the changing political scene and upcoming cinemas; they too dictate a spate of trends in fashion. You can style from these trends but stay true to your unique fashion sense.

Well, fashion designing colleges like Times and Trends Academy (TTA) make it a point to cover such elements during the course. Not many fashion designing colleges would touch down upon such subjects because of lack of expertise.

Planning your line – An important concept from

fashion designing colleges

A line represents a string of concept that reflects in your designs. It is an important theory that many fashion designing colleges cover (Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is amongst such fashion designing colleges) No matter what piece of clothing you create, in the same line, the same concept should emanate from all pieces. Practices you need to follow:

Fashion Designing Colleges
1) Limit your line: – As you are a budding designer, you may not have all the finances you need immediately. Focus instead on the quality of your collection. Every piece ought to be brilliant. Every piece you add to the line should express the concept you have in mind. Keep your focus on creating just one or two pieces, if you must. You don’t have to create many products for one line.

2) Make your design concept concise: – You may have a number of ideas in your mind regarding your line. They may be scattered or off tangent with each other. You need to put all the ideas together and weed out those that make your line seem digressing.

3) The designs need to be in balance with each other: They must seem like part of the whole. There should be a flow in the designs. If you feel you have missed out an essential piece you could add one. The pieces should complement each other in colour and design. Your customers should be able to make an entire ensemble out of them or wear every piece separately.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the best fashion designing colleges that offers fashion designing courses to students who aim to have successful designing courses. So, if you want to know more about fashion designing course fee details enrol here now.