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Voice Your Ideas Workshop for TTA Students – Part II

Voice Your Ideas Workshop for TTA Students – Part II

Times & Trends Academy students had a great time when they attended the 2-day workshop ‘Voice Your Ideas’ at the TTA Fame Hall. The workshop was conducted on 19th and 20th of August.

The idea of the workshop was to help students overcome the stage fear and be confident in voicing their ideas. Praantik conducted the workshop for TTA students. He conducted the workshop by illustrating the example of ant and elephant – Ant being the conscious mind and the Elephant is the sub-conscious mind. The gist of the story was how to fool the elephant part and emphasize on the ant part of our life. The workshop was centred on the theme of making students aware of the potential that they have. If people start believing themselves and focus on positive aspects, they will be able to channelize their energies and achieve great things in their life.

Praantik Panigrahi has been working fervently with the mission ‘Leave people better than found’. His training area covers a wide range of topics like Goal Setting, Team Working, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Power of Beliefs, You Can Heal Your Life, Parenting, Stress Management and allied soft skills topics.