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You Can Pursue Animation Course After 12th

You Can Pursue Animation Course After 12th

What is animation?

An animation is the art of creating illusions from motion and giving rise to illusions of change by use of sequential images that differ only minimally from each other.

Animation course after 12th

An animation course after 12th degree that students can pursue can help them make a career in this field. Of particular interest are the certificate courses that are the best way to build a strong foundation on this subject.

–    Certifications in 3D animation are quite popular and equally sought after are courses on illustrations, Digital FX, Graphic Design and Animation, Interactive Multimedia Authoring and Programming, Print and Publishing, Post Production, etc.

–    An animation course after 12th that can help students get a fundamental understanding of this field includes VFX and Digital Filmmaking, Video Streaming and Editing, Web Development, Web Design, and Animation and Digital Architecture and Interior Design.

There could be a lesser-known animation course after 12th that which may be a slightly different take on the animation we know of. Students can choose an animation course after 12th from the list below:

  1. Clay Animation: Also known as Claymation, this is done with the help of clay that is moulded to create characters and tell a story. The idea it to keep the animated characters in a set, and allow for short movements to take place. One of the most creative animation course after 12th, this is a fun way to give form to your imagination.
  2. Cut-Out Animation: This is also possibly one of the oldest types of stop-motion animation. An animation course after 12th is cut-out animation and has become much simpler to work with after the employment of computerized techniques to arrange the cut images in the queue. The story in this form of animation is told through paper cut-outs that are made to move under the camera lens.
  3. Typography Animation: Students who love calligraphy or experimenting with writing can pursue typography animation as one of the animation course after 12th. This involves the fonts and letters being set into motion. In simple terms, it is the combination of text set in motion and is used extensively for titles and content in movies and videos. Fontlab is one of the software students can look up to create typography animation.
  4. FlipBook Animation: Animation courses after 12th can be done in this form by drawing a series of images in a book, which when flicked rapidly; the series of images in fluid motion present a scene or a story.

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