ABCs of Interior Decoration

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ABCs of Interior Decorating Courses

ABCs of Interior Decorating Courses

What is interior decorating?

Interior decorating refers to the science and art of creating an aesthetically pleasing interior space that is functionally at its best as well. Sometimes even the exterior of the building can be included in interior decorating, but the term as such is reserved for interiors. It can be done as a hobby or one can seek professional help from those who have done interior decorating course.

What is the Job of Interior Decorators?

Interior decorators design space by being involved in the conceptual development and the execution of those concepts to result in interiors that are comfortable, functional and visually appealing. An interior designer surveys the site in question and sometimes even works closely with the construction team to chart out plans for designs. They help decorate existing rooms or completely remodel them depending on the clients’ needs. Their main task is to ensure that the client gets the maximum space out of any given project without any threat to safety.

Interior Decorating Course

One can choose from a number of programs on offer when it comes to interior decorating course.

  • Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts
  • MBA in Interior Design
  • Short term Interior Decorating course (held on weekends)

Specializations in Interior Decorating Course

The four main categories in interior decorating course are as follows:

  • Commercial designing
  • Institutional designing
  • Residential designing
  • Landscape designing

What are the Major Concepts in Interior Decorating ?

Students enrolled in these courses get to learn about the history of interior designs, the theory of colour, use of lighting in design, the presentation of space and the business and management aspect of this field of work.

Interior Decorating Course: Syllabus

  1. Interior Decorating History: This gives a glimpse of how interior decoration has evolved over the years and the various sources of inspiration for its evolution.
  2. Planning and Drafting of Space: This teaches students how to maximize the space by designing intelligent layouts by taking accurate measurements and making drawings and templates of their ideas.
  3. Use of Fabrics and Materials: This part of all interior decorating courses involves learning about everything from flooring to upholstery to texture, pattern and colors of the materials being employed.
  4. Theory of Colour: This allows students a peek into how to incorporate colors in their designs and use them to complement and contrast and create a flow of colour from one room to the other.
  5. The lighting of the Interiors
  6. Business Planning and Management

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