The Screening And Selection Process By Times And Trends Academy

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The Screening And Selection Process

As per the screening and selection process, you are a right individual to be a Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisee if you have a proven track record, and are able to demonstrate your capability in the  below mentioned areas:

  1. Drafting and Executing Business Plans with short and long term objectives.
  2. To be able to deliver results in terms of financial aspects in a high commercially competitive environment.
  3. To be able to manage teams in changing environment.
  4. To be able to manage teams in high pressure environment.
  5. Working in a high-volume, high-turnover student environment.
  6. Working in an environment that has highly Standardized Prototype Systems.
  7. Operating the capital intensive business.
  8. Taking the ownership of the work and being accountable for the success of the business.
  9. Ready to expand your business, and establish and manage Unit Franchisees created below you.

The Screening and Selection Process has 7 stages:

Stage 1:

Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisee Application Form: You will have to fill a Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisee Application Form. You can send this Application Form along by Post. The Application has to be sent along with a cheque in the name of ‘Times and Trends Academy (TTA) Pvt. Ltd.’

  1. Master Franchisee – INR 1 Lakh.
  2. Unit Franchisee      – INR 10,000

 (Note that this amount is non-refundable.)

Once we receive the Franchisee Application Form, we will initiate the process.

Phone Interview: After we receive the Franchisee Application Form, we will conduct a Phone Interview with you based on the application to know more about you. This is an opportunity for both the parties to have clarity on many aspects by raising concerns.

Due Diligence Checks: Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s team will run a Due Diligence check on the applicant to verify information provided by the applicant. The check will be based on the basic parameters set by Times and Trends Academy (TTA). Failing to meet the parameters can result in cancellation of the application.

Stage 2:

Personality & Capability Test: Times and Trends Academy (TTA) has designed a test that would have personality related questions. The test is designed in such a way that it would tell if your personality matches the personality that we are looking for. You will also get a copy of the results.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) Corporate Office Visit: Post the Personality & Capability Test, You will be invited to Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s Corporate Office & Learning Center in Pune. We will have a face-to-face interaction. The duration of this interview cum interaction would be anywhere around 90-120 minutes. This is also an opportunity for us to have a better screening. Test results of the previous round will be discussed briefly. Few questions will also be pitched to validate the competency that we require.

Stage 3:

Hands-On Experience & On The Job Evaluation: At this level, you will be required to spend some time at Times and Trends Academy (TTA) Office. You will be in the shoes of TTA members. You will be required to spend around three days at the office understanding different roles, and also playing those roles actively. This will help you understand the dynamics better and also offer a different perspective to the business model. Based on your performance, our Interview Panel would evaluate you. You would also be interacting with people from various departments.

Interacting with Existing Stakeholders (Associates, Employees and Students): We understand the anxiety you would have in being a Franchisee. Therefore, we provide an excellent opportunity for you to get in touch with the existing stakeholders, and clear your doubts if any.

Stage 4:

In-Depth Panel Interview:  Times and Trends Academy (TTA) would conduct an in-depth interview. This will be conducted by the top management representatives. The interview may last anywhere from 90-120 minutes.

Stage 5:

Signing LOI: Signing LOI (Letter of Intent) and making a Demand Draft of 50% of the Sign-Up Fee favoring ‘Times and Trends Academy (TTA) Pvt. Ltd.)

Stage 6:

Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisee Incubation Program – A formal 15-day full time program review after the program concludes, and then continuous reviews until successful completion.

We have developed a program to run the academy efficiently and effectively. It is called The Master Franchisee/ Unit Franchisee Incubation Program.(Name of the Course is not changed yet) This program will help you gather necessary skills when it comes to franchisee participation. This program is more like a tool which will tell you the new ways of entrepreneurship and will enhance your creative potential. People who have a desire to become an entrepreneur and pass on a legacy of a good organisation will definitely like this program

The training for this program will mostly happen at TTA Deccan which will include classroom trainings, presentations, doubt clearing sessions, team activities, management meetings, seminars, corporate training etc.

Stage 7:

Completion of balance payment formalities and signing the Franchisee Agreement (on the 7th day of induction).

To find out if you qualify for the Stage 1 of the Screening Process, kindly visit our website to fill an application form on the website.

We will get back to you if you qualify for the screening process.

During the screening and selection process or during the ‘Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisee Incubation Program,’ Times and Trends Academy (TTA) holds the right to terminate your application without having to offer any reasons.

As per the screening and selection process you also have the right to terminate your participation at any time during the process. Money Concerns: Investment and Rewards – Master Franchisee


Share your entrepreneurial journey with Times & Trends Academy FAQs and enlighten us what motivated you to enter into this industry?

I have been a franchise for one of the country’s top brands for over a decade at Pune. Now as a highly credible and consistent award-winning franchisee for more than 12 years now, I got to witness both sides of the coin. The positives and the support that I got from my franchisor and also the not-so-positives and shortcomings, and the kind of support that I wished I could get from my franchisor but for some or other reason could not. And this extensive experience of mine is what inspired me to the core and one fine day I decided to start my own training academy where I can focus on the development and growth of all our partners ( franchisees) as my core belief is that their growth is our growth. Feeling honored by sharing my thoughts with times & trends academy FAQs!

Indian Education system is growing and developing continuously with skilled development being its significant part. What are the factors that have boosted vocational course in India?

Vocational Training is the kind of education that focuses on a specific trade or career, on skill development. We can see that Indian Education system is undergoing a change. These are short time courses that are skill oriented and provide hands-on training. Since there is a large gap in the education system, vocational courses are designed in a way to fill this gap and make a solid career for those pursuing it. They simply make you job ready and help achieve highly paid jobs. Such courses are required in every field, may it be fashion designers, event managers, interior designers, Animators or may it be engineering, banking, etc.

There are huge numbers of colleges where the seats are not filled. This is because all the students want education that makes them employable, not just give certificates. NO one wants to take the education which takes huge amount of money and don’t even make you eligible for job. Here, the vocational courses come in picture. They are more of practical based and they design the syllabus as per the latest industry trends.

There can be seen a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled/ trained manpower, as per the National Skill Development Corporation. In Maharashtra alone, it is estimated that there is requirement of about 50 lakh trained professionals. This can be filled only by such vocational courses. These factors have boosted the need for vocational training.

What is unique about your services? What makes it stand apart from the competitors?

What makes us unique?

  1. A study says that less than 10% job failures are due to lack of the technical knowledge and more than 90% job failures are due to lack of interpersonal skills, lack of motivation, lack of confidence etc. So here at TTA, we not only focus on your technical skills but a lot on your personality development as well. There are online trainings on time management, mastering the interviews, developing leadership, learning effective communication and presentation etc.
  2. Our mission is making you a highly paid expert. So we provide more of practical based education similar to industry works. This involves workshops, industry visits, subject matter expert lectures. Our syllabus is constantly updated with the latest industry trends. We also help you right from writing resume to creating portfolio. We conduct mock interviews, mock roll plays as well.
  3. We have Entrepreneurship Developmental Programs. As per our aim of building careers and building the nation, we genuinely take efforts to guide you rightly considering your skillsets. If you want to start your business, we provide many guidelines and directions for you to be successful entrepreneurs.

Unique mission and strategic execution makes us stand out amongst our competitors.

Do you think franchising has been instrumental in boosting the growth of vocational institutes in India? Please elaborate. Also, share your experience regarding the same.

The success of the business format franchisee in boosting the growth of vocational training and institutes in India (and also internationally) is without question the most vital news in business. If you look at the statistics of past one year, business format franchisees have grown by over 95% in contrast to the more than 50% failure rate of new businesses that are owned independently. And when statistics show that almost over 80% of all the independent businesses fail in the first five years of starting, whereas success rate of franchise business format is more than 75%. So, this tells us in which basket should be our eggs.

At Times And Trends Academy, the Prototype becomes the model of the dream. The system runs the business. The people run the system.

What are the criteria to choose the right franchise partner?

At Times and Trends Academy (TTA) our ethos is “Building Careers and Building the Nation” We live this every day. We want to make a positive transformation in the lives of aspiring students, professionals, teenagers and youth who walk through the doors of our academy with a dream in their eyes. We want to ensure that their dreams come true. They succeed in their life and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life. We are seeking partners who believe in this core philosophy. We are choosing like-minded entrepreneurs who consider Times and Trends Academy (TTA) as their primary venture and believe in helping generation today to develop a skilled India.

In this era of digitalization, various e-commerce and m-commerce start-ups are making their way into the education industry. Do you take it as healthy competition or an upcoming threat to your business? Please Elaborate

Undoubtedly, e-commerce and m-commerce have changed the dynamics in the education industry. And it has amazing potential. Students having access to information and knowledge from any corner is a brilliant thing. And Times and Trends Academy (TTA) has already initiated the E-learning concept long back. Anything repeated for more than 16 times becomes a part of your subconscious mind. And with e-learning, all lectures can be accessed any number of times. All of our lectures and demonstrations are recorded and uploaded online for students to be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Education is no more bound by time and geographical constraints. And we take pride in leveraging technology.

When did you start franchising your brand? Why did you choose the franchise route for your expansion? What has been your experience so far?

Times And Trends Academy is a product of the last 12 years of me running a design academy successfully and profitably here in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It was almost twelve years before I founded my firm Times And Trends, which morphed into Times And Trends Academy Pvt. Ltd. It was here that we developed the complete franchise prototype system keeping in mind the growth of all TTA franchisees and the career development of all our students, and then all assumptions were put to the test at our own TTA corporate office and learning centre to see how well they work before putting it forward to the franchisees. Once having now completed the prototype system, we are now ready to turn to our franchisees and say “Let us show you how it works.” The system runs the business. People run the system.

What kind of training and support do you provide to your franchisees?

  • Complete Blueprint With Proven Strategies And Insights
  • Franchisee Prototype
  • Standard Operations Manual With Scripts, Processes And Systems
  • R Manual With Policies And Reporting Formats
  • Marketing Manual With Scripts And Formats
  • Sales Manual With PPT, Scripts And Research Data
  • Academics Manual With Session Plan, PPT, Videos And Batch File Format
  • 5 Year Business Plan Updated On Regular Basis
  • 1 Year Marketing Plan Based On Market Research And Updated On A Continuous Basis
  • Hiring And Training Support On Need Basis
  • Access To Operational Systems And ERP
  • Academy Design And Plan With Blueprints
  • On-Going Training Support To Technical And Non-Technical Staff
  • Periodic Evaluation And On-Going Marketing And Sales Support
  • Online Access to 12 Comprehensive Training Programs to Each And Every Student.

Twelve Comprehensive Programs That We Offer Online Across All Franchises For Our Students:

  1. The Business Mastery
  2. The Sales Mastery
  3. The Marketing Mastery
  4. The Leadership Mastery
  5. The Unlimited You
  6. How to be Happy
  7. Time Management for Busy People
  8. The Art of Effective Communication
  9. Public Speaking
  10. The Interview Mastery
  11. The Art of Effective Presentation
  12. Love Yourself – Love Your Health

When a new investor starts the business, he/ she may have no idea how to deploy the money in the business wisely. How do you guide the investors so that they can optimize their investment and maintain sustainability till they reach the breakeven?

We offer two models for our prospective partners/investors interested to work along with us:

  • Franchise-Owned Franchise Operated Model: This Model is for prospects/partners that have solid experience in Education Domain. So, it will be about forming a synergic partnership and growing the brand.
  • Franchise-Owned Corporate Operated Model: This model is ideally suited for prospects/investors that are proactively looking for better investment options without having to manage it personally, on a day-to-day basis. In this scenario, a Business model can be formed that will work on our Standard Prototype System that is already in place and shall be operated professionally by Times and Trends Academy (TTA) Corporate Office. Here, we guarantee a minimum of 18% Per Annum Interest as Returns, or Profits, whichever is higher, to the investors. We take care of all the on-going Operations that are required to help the business grow.

What are your expansion plans?

If I were to make a right analogy, I would say our growth plans are like ‘Hare and Tortoise’ story. We want to grow our brand and expand slowly and steadily. Though we are highly ambitious, we will still cherry-pick on our partners. We are very selective in finalizing on franchisees because we want to make sure that we work with people who share same thoughts and vision as that of us.

What is the preferred franchise model for your brand’s expansion and why?

Both of these tested and proved franchise model types are what we are looking at:

  • Franchise-Owned Franchise Operated Model
  • Franchise-Owned Corporate Operated Model

Over a period of time, we are planning to create 12 Centres of Excellence in major cities of India. And all of these centres will have right to create their own sub-franchisees. And these 12 centres will act like master franchises to other centres under them.

Fill in the franchise facts below

  • Existing outlets (company-owned +franchise): Pune –Corporate Office and Learning Centre + 11 Franchises in Pune.
  • Required area for opening brand’s franchise:
    • Unit Franchise – 2400 Sq. Ft (Approx.)
    • Master Franchise – 7500 Sq. Ft (Approx.)
  • Target cities for expansion: 12 Major Cities (Tier 1) in Phase 1. Tier 2 & 3 in Phase 2.
  • Break-Even – 20-24 Months
  • The Preferred location for opening your brand’s franchise outlet: As per market research and study done by us.

Mission: To inspire and instruct teenagers and youth on how to improve their lives and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life.

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