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Curious About Fashion Illustration In Fashion Designing?

Curious About Fashion Illustration In Fashion Designing?

Curiosity is good but not for so long because curiosity can kill. Yes, it did kill the cat. So, let us quickly discuss fashion illustration in fashion designing before curiosity kills you. An illustration is all about the representation of a fashion concept in a form of a diagram, graphics, sketches, etc. Anyone who is pursuing a fashion designing course would already know illustrations by now. So, all fashion designing courses typically cover fashion illustrations in the beginning. If it has not yet been covered, you are probably going to a wrong fashion school.

And fashion illustrations have been a very important and integral part of fashion designing for a long time. Not every time you hear fashion illustration, it would mean illustration of clothes. The illustration could be a jewellery illustration, accessory illustration, lingerie illustration, etc. So, a good fashion designing course should teach you a good balance between colouring and sketching. Highlighting and detailing forms a major part of illustrations in fashion designing.

A fashion designing will also tell you that illustrations are also about fashion communication. Most of the times, you would find the illustration on magazines, newspapers, websites, media, brochures, etc. Most of the new trends in the industry are communicated with the help of the illustrations. To make an illustration, different materials can be used like Pen, Polaroid Film, Ink, Charcoal, Water Colour, etc. The illustrations should be as real as possible because it would depict the concept very clearly. A fashion designing course should be able to explain the importance of illustrations, and also methods on how to develop those.

With technical details, creativity in any illustration should not be given a miss. Any illustration should be powerful enough to communicate and make people understand the idea.

Are you ready to bring out your creativity and become a highly paid fashion designer? We at Times and Trends academy have designed a detailed yet easy to understand fashion designing course. This course will teach you very essential and basic concepts like fashion illustrations.

So take a decision and start your journey with Times and Trends Academy!!