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Brand Persona

The Logo plays a pivotal role in one’s corporate identity. It is one of the first things our prospects and students relates to and hence sending you the significance and the essence of TTA Brand Logo.

The TTA Logo comprises of the following elements –

Peacock Feather: It symbolizes Goddess of Education i.e. Devi Saraswati representing excellence in education which we thrive for.

Books of Wisdom: We have stacked set of books in Blue & Orange Color and the same are placed beautifully. The intention is to use core content to build massive audiences and create a radically successful and scaleable business.

Crest: The Crest possesses the outer shape of the Peacock Feather & Books of Wisdom. As per research, it is said that Triangle outsells Circle and Crest outsells both Triangle & Circle. Hence we have chosen Crest as our Brand Identity and en-capsuled Peacock Feather & Books of Wisdom within the Crest. It’s like solid shield we are presenting/offering to all our students. This shield will protect our students from non-employment, tough battles in outside world and negative forces in market and prepare them to build their career on their own turf. Every student of our academy should be able to take our shield (read as logo) on his shoulder proudly and come out with flying colors.

Brand TTA: The central part of the logo depicts the letters TTA which represents Times & Trends Academy, which signifies changing trends in education with time. Vocational education needs to keep pace with the change in trends and requirement of the industry as outdated training methods, skills, contents will no more help our economy. The embossing effect is further added to Brand TTA to add to the enriching look.

Tag line: The tag line “Building Careers and Building The Nation” indicates our Vision.

Blue Color: Blue Sells and it positively affects both our mind and body.

Orange & Yellowish Golden Color: Both Yellow & Orange colors are teenagers and youth’s favourite colors and since we target the same age group, we have selected these colors. A tint of Golden color is added as it represents prosperity.

The brand TTA logo signifies our commitment to touch the lives of teenagers and youth and help them achieve a career for life.
Here’s to our mega success.

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