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Why should you join a Fashion Designing Institute?

Why should you join a Fashion Designing Institute?

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing is an art form that is dedicated to the creation of lifestyle accessories and clothing. A fashion designing institute is a place where students sharpen and polish their creative skills to become successful fashion designers. Fashion designing involves the detailed process of conceptualizing, procuring materials, implementing the designs, executing the details and then marketing it to the end client.

What does a Fashion Designing Institute teach?

A fashion designing institute helps students use their skills and develop them further to access their dormant creativity. fashion designing courses that are offered by a fashion designing institute can be broadly divided into three sections. These are the basic module, meant for beginners, the intermediate module and the advanced module.

Fashion Designing Institute: Basic Module

In the basic course structure, a fashion designing institute aims to introduce students to the concepts of theory, textiles, the fashion industry lingo and jargon, the history and the evolution of fashion, the details of fabric and its selection, illustrations, the principles of designing, the comprehension of silhouettes, the use of accessories and the tools used, etc.

Fashion Designing Institute: Intermediate Module

A fashion training academy in its next stage of teaching fashion deals with slightly more detail-oriented themes like the infusion and use of colours, the significance of blocks and patterns and the drafting of patterns for custom orders. Fashion colleges also lay emphasis on a detailed understanding of quality assurance, measurements, and the methods of stitching involved, designing of sarees, and the silhouetting of garments.

Fashion Designing Institute: Advanced Module

Fashion training institutes that offer the advanced level of fashion studies cover every detail that incorporates a successful fashion design house. This level acquaints students with areas pertaining to fashion forecasting, management of time, building personal relationships with clients, etc. An integral part of the advanced module in a fashion designing institute is getting to experience fashion shows and fashion exhibitions which help students get a first-hand experience the industry and its workings. This also brings students in contact with the basics of media planning and advertising along with understanding the various strategies that the seasoned fashion designers use to make their creations successful.

A fashion design college like Times & Trends Academy thus holistically prepares a student to cater to every aspect related to fashion designing. A comprehensive study from a good institute like Times & Trends Academy helps build the much-needed confidence in students too. Interested in knowing more? Contact us now!