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Who is a Fashion Stylist?

Who is a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion stylist is also commonly referred to as a wardrobe stylist. Wardrobe stylists work as consultants and perform duties that involve the selection of clothing and accessories for the purpose of publishing in editorial features or for the print media, television campaigns, advertisements and other events like concerts, performances, etc. He may also be a private consultant for celebrities and other prominent media personalities. The primary role of a fashion stylist is to create compelling visuals through the use of clothing items and accessories. A fashion stylist may work alone or be part of a larger team that works in the creative assembly of clients, fashion designers, photographers, hair and make-up stylists, etc.

What does a Fashion Stylist Do?

A stylist helps dress their clients. This job can be for the purpose of a photo shoot, a movie, a video or a special event. The idea behind hiring a fashion stylist for a movie or a video shoot is to create the best possible and visually attractive clothing item using the least amount of raw material, etc.

As a stylist, you will be paid for your fashion sense and your work will involve pairing clothes with appropriate footwear, having a good sense of the fashion trends, having a keen eye to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures, etc. Some celebrities prefer to have their fashion stylists to accompany them during shopping sprees as well.

What Qualifies One to Become a Fashion Stylist?

Apart from having an artistic sense of mind and technical knowledge of fashion, a fashion stylist needs to have an academic background to ensure they are groomed for the role.

A stylist may pursue a degree or a diploma that includes the following mandatory topics:

–    Designs and Trends

–    Marketing

–    Photo Shoot Related Subjects

–    Fashion Styling

–    The Basics of Styling and Fitting

–    The Basic Principles of Fashion Industry

He must also have impeccable communication skills. Having exceptional time management skills is another pre-requisite for this profession. A great way of gaining hands-on experience in this field is through apprenticeship and internship opportunities that are sometimes incorporated in the fashion course itself.

You can choose from various Bachelor’s degrees, associate programs, and certification and fashion diploma’s to hone your skills and prepare for your role as a fashion stylist. Times & Trends Academy is one of the best academies to offer fashion styling course in Pune, India. To know more, about fashion stylist career contact now.