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What is Stop Motion Animation and how is it done?

What is Stop Motion Animation and how is it done?

Continual evolution has been an integral part of animation throughout, right since its inception, to the latest animation techniques that have taken the world by their storm.

Stop motion animation technique is among the most widely used animation techniques, enhancing the effect of a particular sequence. Considering stop motion’s growing popularity and its widespread application, as a prospective, or an existing student of B.Sc Animation, you must know what stop motion animation is, and how animators do it effectively?

So, read through as we take a look at the concept, and also the process that governs the effect the technique produces.

The Concept of Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation brings static or stationary objects to life. The concept involves moving objects in an incremental pattern, while, at the same time, filming a frame per increment. So, when the animators play all the frames sequentially, the frames create a moving effect. Usually, animators use puppets, miniatures, or clay figures in stop motion animation, owing to simplified handling and repositioning.

Some of the movies that used stop motion extensively are King Kong, Star Wars, The LEGO Movie, Fantastic Mr Fox, Chicken Run, and Corpse Bride. There are many others. However, the list would turn too exhaustive if we name all of them!

The Process of Stop Motion Animation

So, let us take a look at the simple process that contributes to the amazing effects stop animation creates.

  • At the outset, the process involves placing all the to-be-animated objects in the initial position.
  • The animators then capture an image of the objects on a film, or in a memory card.
  • They then move the objects to slightly different positions and then capture another image.
  • The animators repeat this process hundreds and thousands of times, depending on how large and complex the movement is.
  • Further, the animators transfer the images to a computer and use specialised software to create a video to display all the photos they’ve captured quickly.

For instance, say you want to create a stop motion animation video of a closing door. You will have to begin by capturing the initial position of the door. Once you do this, move the door slightly, and then again click the image of its new position.

Keep doing this until you close the door completely, and you capture the images of all the movements involved. Use the stop motion software to create a video of all the movements.

Simple, isn’t it? But, the process often demands a lot of hard work, patience, and moreover, precision to ensure you capture all the movements meticulously and arrange it in the right sequence to create the amazing, and eye-appealing effect.

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