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Why Vocational Courses are important?

Why Vocational Courses are important?

Today, if you look around, you will realize that a number of people applying for one particular job position is indeed very high. So, it is implied that competition to acquire that one particular job is high. The ratio of job applicants to a number of vacancies is really alarming. And this scenario drives students or job aspirants crazy. So, what do we do?

Before answering that question, let us understand the industry scenario first. The number of jobs is growing, but the number of job applicants is growing even faster. So, let’s say that there were 10 jobs yesterday, and there were 100 job applicants. The ratio here is 1:10. Today, the jobs might have increased to 20, but the job applicants are 300 or more. The ratio here is 1:15. (This is just a hypothetical example though, the numbers are just random). So, 15 people are applying for the same job position. And who gets the job? Obviously the best one.

Now, here’s when the true story begins. Each of us wants to be the best and get that job, but how exactly do we become the best? The employer who is recruiting would want a candidate who has industry experience, and can do the job with the minimum amount of training. But, freshers passing out from the collegs have no experience. Therefore, they require a good amount of training. And this is a situation that not only companies are facing, but also educational institutes. This is called as ‘skill-gap.’ The industry expects a little higher skill from students, so that they have to invest minimum resources on training the student.

Take a good look at these numbers so that you understand the current industry scenario and the need for the vocational training.

Why Vocational-blog

To solve this problem, most the institutes are offering vocational courses to students. One of such institutes is Times and Trends Academy (TTA). Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is offering vocational courses to students that shape their early careers and make them job-ready. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) offers courses like Fashion Designing Course, Interior Designing Course, Animation, Event Management, Finance and Accounts, etc.

All of these courses are developed by industry experts. These courses aim to provide the necessary skill-sets to students. At Times and Trends Academy (TTA), a 360-degree development of students is taken care of. They are offered internships that help have a better understanding of the corporate world.

Interested in pursuing a course from Times and Trends Academy (TTA) to have a well-paying career?