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Why are Visual Effects Courses in Demand?

Why are Visual Effects Courses in Demand?

Visual effects courses are a great way to inculcate a student’s creative attributes by getting them to establish a strong foundation in the field. Visual effects courses, be it at a graduate or a postgraduate level, mould a student and make them job ready for the market, not just in the creative aspect but also in terms of business management.

What can a student learn in a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Effects Courses?

This particular segment of this course stress on making the candidate well-groomed for the job market. It seeks to teach students all the basics they need to know to chart their professional path in the area of animation and VFX.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to Visual Effects Courses?

Even for the most basic level of visual effects courses, regardless of which stream of academic background you hail from, Science, Arts or Commerce, you will require a minimum of a 10+2 completion certificate with a score of at least 50% in aggregate.

Some institutes also welcome students to prove their creative skills and their aptitude through a series of written tests, interviews and group discussions.

What can one learn at the undergraduate level of Visual Effects Courses?

In the Indian academic scene, there are many options to pick from when you decide to pursue visual effects courses. The main element of the course comprises a combination of science and art of animation along with many other, related or interconnected fields of study. This includes graphic design, animation, VFX, digital filmmaking and further pre and post-production work. Visual effects courses for the undergraduate students is a holistic mix of practical learning as well classroom experience along with opportunities to learn and witness from industry experts through workshops, training sessions, conferences, and other one-on-one interactions.

What can students expect to learn at Post Graduate level?

Higher level or advanced degrees in these courses include Masters in Animation, both MSc and MA degrees, Post-graduate diplomas and certifications, etc. Some of the most popular in this category are MSc. In Digital Filmmaking and Animation, MSc. in Visual Effects, MA in Digital Filmmaking, Multimedia, and Post Graduate Diploma in Animation.

For students who wish to take their artistic abilities to a whole different level, these options of visual effect courses are the first step to making their mark in this industry.

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