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Understanding Animation & VFX Software – Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop & After Effects

Understanding Animation & VFX Software – Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop & After Effects

It’s been 5-6 years since the movies Gravity and Interstellar released, but we’ve neither forgotten the special space effects from Gravity, nor Gargantua, the super-massive black hole from Interstellar!

Why do you think we still remember these movies?

Yes, the engaging storyline is one factor. But what proved more intriguing are the spectacular visual effects! You can’t get your eyes off the screen when you see the spaceships flying across interstellar and black hole space. Same is the case with milestone movies like Shrek, Jurassic Park, Avatar, and Toy Story. The animated characters and the special effects have become so much a part of our memories!

Yes, animation and VFX is a fantastic career choice. It gives you the chance to be technically creative, and create characters the world will resonate, love, and remember throughout.

But, what is that makes all of this exciting stuff possible? It’s animation and VFX software. Animation courses today include learning animation software, including Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, and After Effects to enhance the creativity of budding animators.

Let us glance through the features of these software products that have revolutionized animation!

1) Autodesk Mudbox

Mudbox is a 3D digital painting and sculpting software, enabling animators to create a broad spectrum of characters. Some of the fascinating features of Mudbox include,

  • The user-friendly, inherent toolkit that works in sync with Maya.
  • The capabilities to create detailed 3D geometrical textures and structures.
  • The facility to create meshes through advanced retopology tools.
  • The ability to paint directly on 3D assets or models.

2) Autodesk Maya

Maya enjoys widespread application and popularity among newbies, as well as seasoned animators, across the television, entertainment and video game industry.

  • The software allows for creating expansive environments, complex characters, and special effects.
  • Its interface is amongst the most preferred VFX and animation tools.
  • You can create real-looking effects and shape 3D objects, and scenes through 3D modelling tools.

3) Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a standard motion graphics, and visual effect tool. It helps create titles, credits and enables blissful transitions to animate logos and characters. Alongside Maya, it is one of the most widely used tools in the film and television industry. The software also allows you to venture in Virtual Reality videos, along with many other visual story forms.

4) Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop! Yes, we know, you know what it is. Perhaps, those billions of images, memes, and engaging Instagram snaps may not have been possible, if it wasn’t for Photoshop. The tool goes through continual upgrades and enhancements.

It simplifies a variety of tasks, including image editing, enhancement, website design, illustration, real-life painting simulations, app design, and many others. The software is every animator’s best friend when it comes to augmenting images, and graphics.

Times and Trends Academy –VFX Course and Animation Course after 12th

TTA offers some of the most comprehensive animation courses, including B.Sc in Animation, Graphic Design Course, Diploma in Animation, and VFX Course.

These courses involve learning the latest animation and special effects tools to help aspiring animators create the best of characters and visual effects. The courses also develop other skills such as communication skills and develop the approach to become a successful animator.

Besides, TTA offers 100% placement assistance with the most reputed animation studios. It constitutes another reason why TTA’s animation course after 12th is always in demand!