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Top 8 Benefits of AutoCAD Diploma & Certification for Architecture Students

Top 8 Benefits of AutoCAD Diploma & Certification for Architecture Students

AutoCAD is one of the latest, and also one of the most useful interior designing and architectural tools. It is CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) software simplifying engineering, architectural, and construction drawing for professionals all over the globe.

Learning AutoCAD diploma and acquiring and AutoCAD certification proves advantageous for interior designing and architectural students in the long run, and several ways. Some of the best interior designing courses include learning AutoCAD, considering its increasing significance in the industry.

If you are an interior designing or an architecture student, you must read this blog to know the top 8 benefits of learning AutoCAD.

8 Benefits of AutoCAD Certification

1) One of the Latest Designing and Drawing Tools

If the industry needs it, you must learn it. As simple as that! AutoCAD is one of the most appreciated, valued, and also a competent tool that enhances various types of designs and drawings. The industry uses it widely, and customers also expect you to use the tool for quicker, augmented and accurate solutions to their advanced demands.

2) Increase your Employability

Employers always respect and prefer professionals adept at using the latest tools and technologies. An AutoCAD diploma certification contributes value to your resume, and also establishes your competence amidst the ever-increasing demands of employers as well as clients.

3) Learn a Craft

Using AutoCAD is learning a sustainable craft. It helps you perform various tasks, including 3D printing, developing miniature designs, and creating various types of furniture designs.

4) Qualify for Freelance Work

Learning AutoCAD doesn’t just increase your employability but also qualifies you to undertake a lot of challenging freelancing projects. These opportunities help you grow your income sources. Besides, the tool enables you to write 2D drawings and 3D modelling to, in turn, create engaging yet straightforward designs as and when your clients need it.

5) Learn other Designing Tools Easily and Quickly

AutoCAD’s paired down interface simplifies learning or transiting to other designing tools. You’d be quicker and more efficient at applying other tools than most of the people who haven’t learned AutoCAD and its applications. It proves advantageous for companies that use multiple tools and technologies while offering a diverse range of design services and a variety of projects.

6) Acquire Multiple Skills

Besides design and development, learning CAD software helps you acquire the following skills.

  • Layer management skills enabling grouping of files.
  • Accurate and clear representation of the dimensions of a particular space.
  • Effective organisation and titling of files.
  • Responding during the revision phase of a particular drawing.

7) Global Acceptance

An AutoCAD certificate is globally accepted. It opens the doors to global business as well as employment opportunities.

8) Enhance your Portfolio

Learning CAD software helps you stand out from the crowd. If you are applying at a construction company, engineering firm, or will be working as a part of a project management team, an understanding of AutoCAD and acquired skills will give a competitive edge over your peers applying for the same position.

So, now that you know why learning AutoCAD is so essential, you must-must learn it to increase your skills, competence, along with employment and business opportunities in the years to come. Pursuing TTA’s interior decoration course and interior design course will help you gain the necessary competence in AutoCAD, along with 100% placements to help you land at your dream interior designing job.