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The Personality Conflict

Most of us face a personality conflict. At times, we have internal conflict. Imagine you want to shed few kilos, and therefore you go on a diet plan. At the same time, you have a craving for a pastry. Now, this is a conflict. Similarly, there is a conflict in the professional life as well. All of us have an Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician inside us.

The Personality ConflictThe entrepreneur in us wants to come with new ideas. He keeps on thinking about innovations, doing new stuff, and taking risks. But, the manager in us wants things to happen in a systematic way. He wants to follow an approach that is tried and tested. He wants to organize things before leaping onto something new. The manager in us wants to analyse, and measure the pros and cons of everything. And then, we have a technician in us. The technician is someone who does the work. He is the one who executes tasks.

Therefore, the technician in us would have a conflict with the entrepreneur because the entrepreneur would suggest ideas that are very difficult to be executed.  Hence, we have roles that are in conflict with each other. And the role that dominates others would win. Hence, it is necessary to understand these roles, conflicts and choose what is best. Sometimes, a balance is necessary between these roles.

At Times and Trends Academy (TTA), we teach methods that allow you to have a clear understanding of these roles and conflicts. Students are able to use their energies well to succeed if they recognize this. We equip our students with these theories that help them in a major way in the professional lives by implementing those.

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