Ten Big Shot Fashion Designers of 2016

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Ten Big Shot Fashion Designers of 2016

Fashion Designing is certainly a glamorous arena; there are no two opinions about this fact. Fashion Designing is not just a glamorous career, but also one of the most handsomely paying professions. And here we bring you a list of some wealthiest designers from the fashion designing world. And these designers are highly successful. And success also means having a bank account with loads of dollars. A big bank account is directly proportional to the degree of success, isn’t it? And same holds true for fashion designing industry as well. So, let’s see who all make it in top ten.

Tory Burch-300x22510) Tory Burch Net Worth=Around $1 Billion

Tory Burch initially worked for Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang. Around a decade back, she started her own clothing line. Tory now sells the brand in more than 3000 stores.



Sara Blakley-300x2259) Sara Blakely Net Worth=Around $1 Billion

Sara was once a saleswoman who would visit door-to-door to sell products. With her hard work and creativity, she created ‘Spanx’ that became a huge hit worldwide.



Michael-Kors-3008) Michael Kors Net Worth=Around $1 Billion

Michael is into the world of fashion designing since he was ten years old. He started working from his basement at a young age. Michael dropped out from a renowned fashion designing institute and started working. His talent was recognized, and he is in the top 10 list.



Aerin Lauder-300x2257) Aerin Lauder Net Worth=Around $1.3 Billion

Aerin inherited the brand ‘Estée Lauder’ from her grandparents. But, she carried the legacy in her own way. She has expanded the product line by introducing jewellery, perfumes, and cosmetics. Apart from Fashion Designing, Aerin also takes an interest in interior designing.


Steffano Gabbana-300x2256) Stefano Gabbana Net Worth=Around $1.6 Billion

Stefano who started ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ made huge fortunes with the brand in the fashion designing world. At one time, the brand even overtook the likes of Armani and Prada.



Domenico Dolce-300x2255) Domenico Dolce Net Worth=Around $1.6 Billion

How can we forget Dolce when Gabbana has already been mentioned? Dolce studied fashion designing with an ambition to work for Armani, but ended up launching his own brand after having quit the job. The popular brand ‘D & G’ is also known from a range of perfumes.



Renzo_Rosso_diesel-300x2254) Renzo Rosso Net Worth=Around $3.1 Billion

Well, very few know that Renzo Rosso is the man behind the brand ‘Diesel.’ With impeccable fashion designing sense, Renzo created a new class of jeans. He does also have other brands under his name.



Miuccia Prada3) Miuccia Prada Net Worth=Around $4.2 Billion

Miuccia Prada is the granddaughter of Marior Prada. Miuccia has earned a good reputation in the world of fashion designing by positioning Prada as a global brand.



Ralph Lauren-300x2252) Ralph Lauren Net Worth=Around $6.9 Billion

Ralph, who started his journey by selling ties during his school days, went on to launch his world-known brand ‘Polo.’ All of us are familiar with this giant brand.



Giorgio Armani-300x2251) Giorgio Armani Net Worth=Around $7.5 Billion

The brand Armani is associated with luxury in the fashion designing world today. Armani has climbed the ladder of success right from the basic level. He started as a window dresser, but slowly moved up with his understanding of the fashion world. And today, he tops the chart.


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