Resume Tips To Impress The Interviewer at first attempt

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Resume Tips

6 Mistakes That You Should Avoid in Resumes

Resume Tips

Resumes do tell a lot about the candidate. And regardless of your talent and experience, you will never get an interview call if you have a bad resume. If your resume is not up to the mark, then that shows your unprofessionalism. And unprofessionalism is the last thing that you would want to demonstrate. Therefore, it is better to leave no stone unturned in making your resume perfect.

Here we compile six mistakes that you would want to avoid at all costs:

1) Spell Mistakes – Grammar – Punctuations:

Always remember one minor spelling error, and you can lose your chance right away. No matter how impressed they are with your talent and experience, but spelling error can cost you the job. These days we are smart to rely on Microsoft Word, which will show errors in spellings. But, remember that it does not differentiate between spells like ‘there’ and ‘their.’ Well, there are many spellings as such. All you need to do is sit down carefully and read it slow and loud. If possible, ask a friend to throw a glance. A new pair of eyes won’t hurt.

2) Lack of Keywords in Your Resume:

In this world of internet, keywords are very important. If you are applying for a job online by submitting your resume, then make sure that you add required keywords related to that specific job profile. Let’s say if you are applying for a digital marketing job, make sure you add related keywords like digital marketing, SEO, etc. to your resume. This is because if too many people are applying for a job, then there will be a software to filter the resumes based on the keywords mentioned in it. So, if your resume lacks that specific keyword, then chances are that you will never get a call. So, you know what to do now. Another suggestion is that don’t overstuff your resume with keywords.

3) Pathetic Formatting:

Well, the timeline on your resume matters a lot. Some people tend to start with the first job in the beginning, and the last job in the list will be the most recent one. The ideal way to do this is to add the most recent one on the top, followed by the next recent one below that and so on. The idea is to highlight the latest jobs and discuss more about it. You will be able to talk more about your projects and achievements because those being very recent. If you have any employment gap, then you can choose to focus more on skill part by highlighting on that. These types of resumes use functional formatting. You can also use a mix of both depending on what you want to focus on.

Resume Tips

4) Changing Fonts:

This is one of the most common mistakes that people do. Candidates keep playing with different fonts. Sometimes, they use the same font and use several other sizes. This is a huge blunder that they commit. Your resume has to show good uniformity and formatting. The way you organize matters a lot. When an interviewer or an HR manager watches your resume, it should not be a turnoff for him. It should be sober. Being too much creative with resume can also be a risk. It depends on the other person how he takes it. So make your resume creative only if you are sure that it will be bang on.

5) Unrequired Information:

Many people just add too much information. They add irrelevant information. Your resume should be sharp and precise. People add details that are not required and sometimes might even backfire heavily. Remember to add points that focus on your strengths and help you in achieving the job. Don’t fill in things just to make your resume longer.

6) Turning your resume into a Job Description:

Don’t add everything under the sun in the resume. Leave scope for you to describe few things. You can keep few pointers for yourself to share during the interview. Recruiters are more interested in hearing interesting experiences. This is your chance to engage them and impress them. So, share stories of your glories if possible.

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