Protection Theory: The Oldest Way of Clothing

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Protection Theory: The Oldest Way of Clothing in Fashion History

Protection Theory: The Oldest Way of Clothing in Fashion History

We all think about fashion at times. Each of us has thought about the origin of fashion trends. And some of us are deep thinkers; we wonder when did this whole business of fashion ever started. And obviously, we know that fashion designing course didn’t exist then. So, without a fashion designing course, there were no fashion designers, obviously. With this article, we will explain when the whole thing of clothing started.

We are about to discuss what is widely known as ‘Protection Theory.’ This theory is taught in a fashion designing course. People from earliest civilisations are known to use natural elements to protect themselves. These natural elements like leaves, leather, fur, grass, etc. were draped around the body to cover or protect it from harmful external elements. This theory has been proved by many archaeologists and anthropologists. And there is hardly anything debatable in this, isn’t it?

Protection theory is even used today

. Let us take examples. All of us use raincoats in the rains, right? This is one of the classic examples of the protection theory put to use. As protection is very important for any human life, this theory finds importance in any fashion designing course. Now, think about bullet-proof jackets, thermal wear, swim suit, space suits, fire fighting suit, etc. All of these are examples of protection theory.

A fashion designing course will also tell you various other details like about protection theory. In some regions of the world, clothes are also used to keep evil spirits away. Some people also believe in protection theory of clothing because certain clothes help you in staying positive. So, it also has a psychological importance in a way.

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