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Fashion Costume Designing Course

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Times & Trends Academy announces a 10-week Fashion “Costume Designing” Course.

“Be the Costume Designer You Always Dreamt of – in just 10 weeks.”

The first-of-its-kind course for all fashionistas out there.

A course exclusively designed by Chandrakant Sonawane(Bollywood Costume Designer – Ramleela, Bajirao Mastani & Padmavati).

Being the Chief Mentor at Times & Trends Academy, I am going to guide fashion aspirants on how to become a successful fashion designer. Not only guide them but offer them to work with me. – Chandrakant Sonawane

The Costume Designing course has been designed specifically as per the industry requirement!

The good news? Placement in the industry!

You will get a golden opportunity to work with Chandrakant, get hands-on experience on Bollywood projects & get mentored by him.

The Fashion “Costume Designing” course is just for INR 35,000.

The real deal is that you have to pay only INR 25,000 for the course, the next INR 10,000 only when you get the job and we deliver the promise. If we don’t deliver, don’t pay us! Sounds like a great deal!

Placement In The Industry!

What will you learn from this 10-week exclusive course?

Module 1: Team Work

  • How to work in a team, as a part of the team.
  • How to contribute collectively in the team.

Module 2: Research

  • Methods of approaching the project
  • Doing the proper research for a project
  • Sources for research

Module 3: Character Development

  • Understanding a character
  • Getting the right information of the character
  • Developing the right costume

Module 4: Photography

  • Capturing the right essence of the concept through photography
  • Communicating the right design through photography

Module 5: Crisis Management

  • How to handle pressures
  • Drafting plants to avoid last-minute rushes

Module 6: Project Work

  • Assignments

Module 7: Philosophy

  • Creating a guidance system that helps you achieve your dream
  • Grab the opportunities to live a life that you desire
  • Ways to be highly successful
  • Set your sail for success, joy, pleasure, and abundance

Module 8: Attitude

  • Take your potential to the level next
  • Shift the attitude that gives you success
  • Channelize your emotions that drive you to success
  • Live with Purpose, Intensity & Passion

Module 9: Goals

  • Design goals to brighten the future
  • Implementing the plan to reach the destination
  • Direction leads to your Destination

Module 10: Leadership

  • Build a team and lead the team.
  • Learn optimizing
  • Be an expert at possibility, opportunity, ability & rationality
  • Hone your leadership skills

Module 11: Lifestyle

  • Make your life extraordinary
  • Reveal secrets that make your life meaningful
  • Add more possibilities, influence, and abundance in your life
  • Change your future by developing the abilities

Module 12: Communication

  • Be an expert communicator
  • Learn how to connect and relate to others
  • Hone your communication style
  • Learn strategies that help you build great connections

Module 13: Influence

  • Learn strategies that help you leave maximum impact during presentations
  • Learn how to persuade and influence others
  • Create solutions that keep customers delighted
  • Infuse passion and authority that leads you to outstanding results

Module 14: Abundance

  • Be a financially independent person
  • Learn the success mantras of rich people
  • Learn the discipline that the top 1% have
  • Develop a wealth multiplier plan

Module 15: Productivity

  • How to utilize your time best
  • Ways to work smarter and not harder
  • Develop a plan that allows you live a life that you always desired

Module 16: Action

  • Hold the reins and change the direction of your life
  • Learn 4 questions that help you take instant action
  • Obtain 3 best strategies that help you change your life



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