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Learn Animation to Design Highly-Paid Career

Learn Animation to Design Highly-Paid Career

What is Animation?

The animation is the process by which one can make illusions of motion and the illusions change by the quick succession of images arranged sequentially with minimal differences. In order to do this, one has to learn animation from the basics and then play with creativity to create distinct characters and stories.

How do I become an Animator? 

  • The first step involved in becoming an animator is to know animation. This requires finding a good school/college that caters to your skill sets and your interest. You may choose to learn animation through a certification or a diploma as well.
  • To learn animation, a person needs to build a toolbox. Acquaint yourself with acting, traditional art, software skills, and the concept of teamwork if you seek to learn animation.
  • Create a portfolio to showcase your work to prospective employers. This is the simplest and the most important means of displaying what you gathered in your course.
  • The best way to learn animation is through work. Post the academic course where the foundations of the skills and its use have been laid down, one needs to get first-hand training by assisting animators or by pursuing internships and training.
  • Very crucial when one intends to choose and learn animation with a serious interest, is to find a mentor for guidance.

Things you need for animation

As a student or a professional, when you want to master animation, you will also learn about the basics involved in the implementation of your ideas.

After you master animation and start your project, the following are areas that will be pivotal:

  • Start your project with an idea and know your story. Know what you want to convey and then go about it.
  • You can learn animation of characters but before that, you will have to know your characters well.
  • The planning and executing of your story and the scenes will require a strong foundation of the understanding of storytelling, which you will be taught in school as you learn animation.
  • Setting of a timeline for project completion and have careful execution.

Tools to use when learning animation

Students who are interested in animation, tools like Anime Studio, Adobe Flash, CreaToon, Toon Boom, and Adobe Photoshop make for excellent software that you can and must use to breathe life to your ideas. These will come in handy with 2D and 3D animation.

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