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Know Everything About VFX Courses

Know Everything About VFX Courses

What are Visual Effects?

Visual effects courses teach students to create effects that cannot be done with habitual photographic techniques. Technically speaking, visual effects courses encompasses the process by which imagery is created, altered, manipulated and enhanced from outside the context of a live shot in the realm of filmmaking. This can’t be achieved during a live shoot. Visual Effects is more commonly known as Visual FX or VFX.

What will students learn in the Visual Effects Courses?

Students enrolled in visual effects courses will learn about the various aspects involved in the field of VFX.

–    3D Animation

–    VFX

–    Graphic Design and Multimedia

–    Gaming

–    Media and Entertainment

–    Short Term Courses

Students will be introduced to the theoretical aspects of visual effects as well in this course.

What can students do post completing Visual Effects Courses?

Once a person has successfully completed a visual effects course, they can create computer-generated effects and animation for media, movies, television, etc.

Job opportunities in the following designations open up for students with courses:

–    VFX Compositor

–    Roto Artist

–    Matte painter

–    Pre-comp Artist

–    Match moving Artist

–    Tracking Artist

–    VFX Artist

Courses Details

This course has the following subjects that students can choose from:

–    3D Animation Courses

–    VFX Plus Career course

–    ADVFX Career course

–    S3D: 3D Stereoscopic Film-making

–    Gaming Design Course

–    Short Term Courses

–    Media & Entertainment

–    Graphic Design and Multimedia

In the Bachelor’s Degree of a Visual Effects course, students will learn about:

–    Introductory computer graphics

–    Cinematic storytelling

–    Digital photography

–    Figure modeling

–    Careers in animation and FX

–    Digital compositing

Students in visual effects courses will also learn how to create a professional work portfolio and be given the chance of interacting with industry veterans and engage in workshops. The course also entails learning about software like Nuke, Mocha, Photoshop, Houdini, boujou & Digital Fusion.

Eligibility for Visual Effects Courses

Visual effects courses can range from a 6-month course to 12 months to 18 months, and even 2 years, depending on the level of expertise one wants to achieve. Students pursuing a visual effects course require a minimum of 10+2 qualification. Graduates can pursue a Diploma as well in visual effects.

Times & Trends Academy offers VFX courses that enable students to become highly employable in the industry. To know more, contact us now.