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Interior Designing Course: Know About Interior Design Market

Interior Designing Course: Know About Interior Design Market

Well, you should know and understand the interior design market before pursuing an interior designing course. This is important because having a realistic picture about the market is very significant, and you should know the dynamics of the market before enrolling for an interior designing course.

Design needs of the Indian Market:

If you are pursuing an

interior designing course

, this scenario might or might not be painted for you in the academy. But, we bring you a clear picture about the industry. Some of the changing design needs of the Indian Market can be encapsulated by the following:

  • Compact studio apartments
  • Aesthetic, theme based interiors
  • Luxurious bathrooms, with Jacuzzis or bath tubs
  • Terrace spaces that are remodeled to include barbeques, bars, patio furniture
  • Homes that are entirely done up in washable, customized wallpaper
  • Eco friendly homes that include equipment like solar lightening, solar heating, green spaces
  • Small spaces remodeled to meet the needs of big families
  • Large spaces reinvented for maximum use
  • Home offices, work centers, study spaces that keep out noise and pollution
  • Modern kitchens with trendy, state of the art equipment
  • Home theatre rooms
  • Family rooms
  • Game rooms

All of these aspects will be covered in an interior designing course, if you are pursuing it from a good academy. Otherwise, a depending upon the academy and the interior designing course, the quality and the content will differ.

Interior Designing Course
Earning Opportunities – Numbers and Estimates

Interior design professionals after doing an interior designing course, business owners or employees, earnings, differ depending on the kind of work they take up and also on the quantum of work. Earning opportunities could be from mere basic salaries and could run up to five or even six figures. Here are some numbers and estimates of the financial potential of interior design business

Interior Designing CourseInterior Designing Course

Turnover Companies (%)
Less Than 2,50,00,000 50
Between 2,50,00,000 & 4,99,50,000 17
Between 5,00,00,000 & 25,00,00,000 17
25,00,00,000 + 16

Initial Investment for your own Business

You will learn different aspects of costs while doing an interior designing course, but this knowledge is subject to the content of the interior designing course. There are a number of modules and even software available that will help you identify, and eventually calculate the costs of starting up your own business. Such costs should ideally be estimated on a monthly cycle. Estimates will be accurate if you can get the counsel of an interior designer already in the business or someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry. And in case you enrol for an interior designing course, you can get in touch with alumni.

Two major heads of Estimates that a good interior designing course will cover:

Initial Investment Estimates
1.Property Rent/Acquisition
6.Startup Inventory
8.Advertising and Promotion
9.Accounts Receivable
10.Cash Reserve/ Operating Capital

Monthly Expenditure Estimates
1.Salaries of Upper Level Managers
2.Salaries of other personnel
7.Advertising Expenses
8.Delivery Charges
13.Petrol and Car Maintenance
14.Legal Fees
16.Petty Cash

Well, depending upon the interior designing course, the depth of the content would vary. But, you are probably getting an idea right now.

An Interior designing course would give you valuable insights for planning. And it is expected all these parameters will be covered in an interior designing course. While planning out your expenditure it is also important to plan for the following:

a.Additional set up costs
b.Along with credit cards, bank cheques and drafts, you will also need some amount of cash for the initial purchase.
c.Some suppliers will require deposits from you
d.It is the key to get all the permissions and licenses before you actually start operating, even if you are working from home.
e.You must get your own registration a website.
f.Give a good amount to the initial advertising costs which should include logo creation, letter heads, visiting cards, banners, promotion costs and so on.
g.Get a lawyer and get him to check all your legal, lease, rent, acquisition documents.
h.In a situation where you are obtaining a franchise, plan for those expenses.
i.Initially, you may not get credit in the market, so plan for cash, cheques payments in such cases.

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