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How Interior Decorating Courses are Different

How Interior Decorating Courses are Different

This course is very similar to interior designing but differs significantly as the latter requires a license. The good thing about interior decorating courses is that it can be pursued along with continuing your education in any stream and enrolling for a certification in this domain.

It is a relatively new course

Interior designing courses are very much in their infancy, especially in the Indian market. It is gaining popularity slowly though. Students keen to pursue this course must have a keen sense of creativity.

How to enrol

Students can either join an introductory course or enrol in a bachelor’s program. Graduate interior decorating courses offer ample projects and practical experience for a student to have a holistic learning, along with co-ops, field trips, and internships. The interior decorating courses available in India can be done after the completion of standard 12th.

The main features of the course

The core element of interior decorating courses comprises house presentation, color theory, interior decoration and design history, interior lighting, planning and drafting and business planning and business management. An overview of the evolution of interior decorating forms the foundation, acquainting students to popular styles from the Renaissance, Victorian and Colonial periods.

Interior decorating courses lay strong emphasis on the space planning and drafting aspects, ensuring the best use of space without compromising on the ambiance. The course further entails the use of materials and fabrics, teaching students details about paint, flooring, upholstery, and carpeting. Practical considerations like resistance and insulation of the material, exposure to wear and tear, texture are also taught in interior decorating courses.

Students are introduced to the psychology of color and how to best use them meet the needs of the clients. This primarily deals with understanding and developing a palette and matching the colors to the design of the rooms, keeping the flow of colors consistent from one room to the next.

Job prospects

Owing to the nature of this job, one can choose to work as a freelancer or a sole proprietor. Interior decorating courses are created in a manner that equips a student in all the vital areas of this business. A good understanding of budgeting, planning, procuring raw materials, marketing is pivotal. Not only on decorating and business, interior decorating courses also educate students on business laws, the preparation of tax documents and other important paperwork, a decorator would encounter in their course of designing and decorating.

The field of interior decorating is picking pace slowly and promises to generate a good amount of job opportunities.

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