Achievements and Awards of Times and Trends Academy

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Achievements of Times and Trends Academy

TTA, one of the best design colleges in Pune, has developed unique programs for students. The teaching methods are designed to benefit you in the most time and cost effective manner.

Join the Cream of the Crop

Holding a BSc degree from YCMOU and an international diploma from City of Oxford – Oxford UK, gives you credibility in the competitive job market, placing you in the league of a few.

You will find the equilibrium shifted in your favor when competing for the best jobs.

Range of Opportunities

TTA offers a combination of a BSc degree from YCMOU and an international diploma from City of Oxford – Oxford UK; this presents a wider range of career opportunities at a senior level. From technical to managerial skills, you will have the knowledge and practical experience to grow in any role.

Pick up the Pace for Your Career

It has been found that employees with better qualifications move forward in the corporate world at a faster speed. There is nothing to stop a qualified determined person with a right attitude from reaching the highest level of success.  TTA enables you to move your career by adding weight to your professional career.

Strategic Decision Makers

To be a highly paid expert requires a deep understanding of the multifaceted machine that makes up the present economy. TTA’s Dual Certification Program compliments each other, giving a more acute perspective for you to make intended, winning decisions both as an employee and an employer.

Words of Leaders

When students complete their programs of study, they will be able to speak the same language as highly paid experts and professionals, making them an invaluable asset to any organization.

TTA gives a student the strongest possible foundation for success in any business environment.

Let’s explore achievements of Times and Trends Academy. Best Vocational Program of the year 2017 award is bagged by Times and Trends Academy.