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Fashion Designing Institute-Leverage Technology In Your Fashion Business

Fashion Designing Institute-Leverage Technology In Your Fashion Business

You cannot deny technology in any type of business. Therefore, while choosing a

fashion designing institute

, make sure that they also place good importance on technology. While operating any business, you would be required to have a basic knowledge of computers and certain software. And a good fashion designing institute would impart you the required training. So, while you are narrowing down a list of institutes, one of the parameters to choose a fashion designing institute should be training imparted on various software.

Using Technology in Your Fashion House

The fashion industry has evolved with the changes in technology and communication. You can now use software to create designs, plan your processes, your finances, shipping, orders, stock and so on. Many retailers require you to have EDI where you can track the shipment. Some of these software packages are expensive and you could purchase them when your company has established itself. If possible, get yourself updated during your course at the fashion designing institute. But you must update yourself of all the packages that are available and those that are in use in the fashion industry.

Some Applications that You need to learn at the Fashion Designing Institute

Fashion Designing Institute

There are some applications that you might have at least used at your fashion designing institute while doing the course. Applications like Microsoft word, power point, and excel can be used in the initial stages of your company. These will enable you to write, design and plan most of your presentations and processes like production, finances and sales.

Excel is the most important application that you ought to understand and use in the day to day functioning of your fashion business. You can use it for creating estimates, graphs, calculations of costs, profit margins and so on. If you are still pursuing a course at fashion designing institute, then it is better that you learn it now.

This application also helps you in creating schedules for procurement, production, and deliveries. Excel helps you segregate and analyse data in any form you want. When you create the desired graphs from the given information, you get trends expressed in graphs which are a good visual motivator. You can then plan your next collection based on these reports. You can forecast sales and manage distribution. There are various software available for accounting which can suit your computer skills and business needs.

Fashion Designing Institute

Online applications and apps help you reach your vendors and manufacturers immediately. When you have urgent changes you can merely email your vendor or supplier and avoid delays. All mails that you are sending can be saved for future references and integrated in documentation. Using mails is not an issue at least because most of us would learn using mails during the course at fashion designing institute.

Fashion designing institute like Times and Trends Academy (TTA) introduces concepts like mail organizing to students that help in communicating better. When you are working with big buyers and retailers, accounts are set up where simultaneously information can be uploaded and used by many users. This helps keep everyone in the loop and changes happen smoothly. You can send photographs, sketches, designs over the mail to your manufacturers or vendors. Picture of samples too can be mailed. There are software for merchandising, customer relationship management, ecommerce and so on.

Where information technology helps the most is deliveries. The shipment can be tracked every minute of the journey. The crucial software that you should be aware of is supply chain management. This helps you track material, production, shipping, and delivery. This software can help you organize your communications, schedules, manage the production chain, check for snags, and give you reports on every aspect collectively and by single units.

This information helps you in decision making and cutting down on costs. For instance, you may create an option to produce in a certain location which is cheap. However, the lead time in longer, and shipment costs are higher. You get this information generated at a single go and it helps you decide effectively. Supply chain management helps you identify how each process of production and delivery can be optimized to cut costs, reduce stocks and lead times, and increase profits.

You must have learned designing with help of software at fashion designing institute. You can also create designs through software. Designs can be created, scrapped, and stored at any all and any stage of design creation. You can write notes for colours, fabrics, samples etc. You can reference patterns, vintage clothes, ethnic designs, and use them in your designs. You can create specs. Draw two dimensional or three dimensional designs also. You can share these files with your manufacturer to give better briefs and instructions.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one such fashion designing institute that places good importance on the use of technology. Therefore, being a quality fashion designing institute, it has incorporated software training in all its fashion design courses.