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Fashion Designing Colleges & More About Them…

Fashion Designing Colleges & More About Them…

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing colleges have seen a drastic surge both in the form of the number of institutes being set up, and the popularity and preference of students to opt for fashion courses over others. It is crucial to understand what fashion designing entails before making your mind to apply to fashion designing colleges.

Fashion designing is an art form that is exclusively dedicated to the creation of clothing and accessories to accompany those clothing items. The present-day fashion designing colleges offer two main categories of this course.

Haute Couture and Ready-To-Wear Fashion Designing

One part studies the details involved in haute couture, which is posh high-end custom-fitted clothing made from the expensive, high-quality material. It is made from the start to finish, from inception to execution. Students keen on joining fashion designing colleges with haute couture in mind should be aware that to qualify as an haute couture design house, they will have to become inducted into the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture. The second part teaches students about ready-to-wear items. These are the standard sized items that are produced for the masses. These are further divided into two more categories, designer and confection collections.  The designer collections tend to be unique and of a much higher quality comparatively.

Types of Fashion Courses Offered in Fashion Designing Colleges?

Owing to the expansive growth in this industry, fashion designing colleges in pune offer a diverse selection of courses for students to pick from.

  1. Fashion Design: This forms the foundation for a fashion student in any of the fashion designing college. It introduces students to the work and environment of this field.
  1. 2. Photography: Fashion photography has become one of the most sought-after courses in fashion designing colleges as the profession plays a vital role in helping designers gain exposure.
  1. Fashion Merchandising and Marketing: Fashion designing colleges give special attention to this subject as it helps students build the essential skills to start and build a career in this industry. This subject focuses on the making of a successful fashion buyer, fashion merchandiser, visual merchandiser, account manager, etc.
  1. Graphics Designing: The fashion business is becoming increasingly technology savvy, and its dependence on software like Computer Aided Design (CAD) has ensured that fashion designing college includes this course in their syllabus. It equips students with the right skill sets that are required in this digital age.

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