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Fashion Design Institute-Learn Creating Signature Piece

Fashion Design Institute-Learn Creating Signature Piece

While pursuing a course from a

fashion design institute

, you would be probably taught the importance of creating the signature piece. Regardless of you are taught this in fashion design institute, this article will certainly provide inputs for your clarity.

What you’re known for

You can also venture in creating a signature piece in your collection after passing out from fashion design institute. This is the one piece that will become the part of legends! It will be the piece that only you can make perfectly. You will be known for it, and it will give your collection and your fashion house that edge in the market that designers are always looking for. It will be the leverage for your forthcoming products and collections. The signature piece ought not to be trendy but a classic. With minor changes in the product, the same product will become a part of each and every collection or line that you intend to launch for time immemorial.

So once you graduate from a fashion design institute, you can create your best product. If you have a product that always sells like hot cakes, then that too can be your signature piece. It will be the one that always brings the top of mind recall of your brand, and will signify what you’re known for!

Fashion Design Institute

Maintaining quality control

This is one of the topics that may or may not be covered in fashion design institute. But quality is very vital. One of the key aspects of your promise to the retailer and consumer is your quality control. Pay detailed attention to the finishing of the product. No loose threads, nor tangles, no badly sewn pieces, no unplanned fringes and so on. You can understand what quality control in the fashion industry means by observing vintage clothing. Remember you may have the best quality fabric, but if it is sewn badly, no genius design will save its face. Often enough you will find even the best brands sell some products with bad finishing and cheaper brands may have cheaper quality fabric but exquisite stitching and finishing. Give the best quality to your customer even if your product is evenly priced. Maintain the quality of the products in every collection you launch.


Pricing is one of the basic concepts taught in any fashion design institute because it does play an important role in your revenues. The price of your product must reflect the value you offer through it. The price and quality should be an even match. You should maintain this through all your collections. When you are designing the piece, always keep an eye on the price you are going to charge for it. Is it within reach of your target? Will your customer feel he has got his money’s worth? Pricing is extremely essential, and therefore discussed in length.

The art of allure

Nowadays, fashion design institute might include this in their curriculum. But earlier no fashion design institute would include this topic. Due to heavy competition in the market, a fashion design institute might feel obliged to teach this approach to students. Designers want their collections to allure their target. Their customers should feel the pieces will add style and value to their life. The designs will suit their frame, enhance their status, make them attractive, and in short make them alluring. But creating such pieces with price constraints can be challenging. The pieces should not only be alluring but also evenly priced.

You could add a dazzling piece to your collection to get the eyeballs. This unique piece will attract customers to your line. There is also the practice of creating one or two pieces to launch a collection, but the pieces may not necessarily be for sale. Merely a piece to attract the customer and for the media to talk about it. Yet play it safe when making such pieces. Don’t invest too much in them. Focus on pieces you will be able to sell.

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