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Learn About Eligibility Criteria for VFX Course Details

Learn About Eligibility Criteria for VFX Course Details

What is VFX?

VFX is the term used to denote visual effects that are done in the post-production phase of creating a video with the help of a computer. There are several processes that are employed in manipulating images and live action shots. It is done to enhance the raw film. The prime objective of using VFX is to give rise to a scene or image that is very close to resembling reality but may be an impossibility to capture in the camera. A student of a VFX Learning course will learn the tricks and skills to work on such assignments. below are VFX course details information.

In this post, you will be reading about Animation and VFX course details

What skills do I need to possess to pursue a VFX course?

A beginners course will not demand that you have all the artistic abilities and skills that VFX professionals have, but even the most basic VFX learning course will require that you have the following skill sets.

Students must have good observational skills and come with a creative mind. This course will also test your drawing and sketching skills and your ability to concentrate and patiently commit to projects. This course is for those who can get into the character of their creations.

Apart from the above mentioned creatively inclined skills, students who wish to join a VFX learning course must also be good communicators, have a keen eye for detail and exceptional computer skills. Like any other course of study, this course too asks you to exhibit excellent team building and working spirit.

What are the eligibility criteria for joining a VFX course?

The bare minimum requirement for applying to a VFX course, even the most basic one is to have a 10+2 qualification, in any stream – Arts, Commerce, Science, with at least 50 percent score.

Some institutes also welcome students to take an entrance test followed by an interview to shortlist the desired candidates.

What are the benefits of joining a VFX Course at Times & Trends Academy?

Post completing a VFX learning course, students have the option of either becoming a VFX or compositing professional. This involves working with the latest software and learning about the advanced compositing tools, etc.

The course of study at Times & Trends Academy also gets students to work on projects and get hands-on experience during these assignments. Not to forget the lectures by experienced faculty is another advantage.

The projects allow students to meet and interact with people in the profession and helps build a strong network. A VFX Learning course at Times & Trends Academy is not just about the creative growth of students but a holistic development.