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What Courses Are Fashion Designing Institutes Offering?

What Courses Are Fashion Designing Institutes Offering?

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing institutes educate students on the basics of applying designs and aesthetics to clothing, accessories and creating beauty. This art form has evolved over the years, & closely influenced by the social attitudes of people and culture. Fashion today has the power of making statements and redefining the norms. Fashion designing institutes thus have the added responsibility of creating a curriculum that incorporates all these factors when covering this subject. This field requires students to have an understanding of the trends that are prevalent, as well as be able to gage trends that would be appealing in the next season. Students at fashion designing institutes are acquainted with this chapter to prepare them further for their role as fashion designers, merchandisers, fashion buyers, marketing heads, etc.

Courses offered by Fashion Designing Institutes

Fashion designing institutes cater to a massive student pool that is interested in this field of work.  The courses offered by fashion designing institutes are therefore created keeping in mind the diverse needs of these students and the demand for this course in the market.

  1. 1. Diploma in Fashion Designing, a 1-year course

This course offered by most fashion design institute focuses on the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of designs. It helps students build the necessary skills as well. It mostly grooms students for the fashion world.

  1. 2. Diploma in Fashion Business Management, a 1-year course

This course in fashion designing institutes seeks to provide guidance to the students in the management area of the fashion business. Students learn about the various roles that are crucial in making this industry. It thus offers a holistic view of every aspect involved in this work.

  1. 3. Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Designing, a 3-year course

A B.Sc. degree in fashion designing involves deep learning of the creative as well as the scientific realm of this field. Students get to experiment with fabrics and colors and designs, etc. Given the long tenure of the course, students at fashion designing institutes pursuing a B.Sc. degree get the opportunity to get them well versed with concepts from scratch.

  1. Diploma in Visual Merchandising, a 3-month course

Fashion designing institutes offer students the chance to learn about the combination of the various elements that make for a fashion statement. It explores the right mix of comfort and visual appeal in apparels and stresses the importance of creating visuals to highlight the comfort and feel of a product.

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