Banking Course at Times and Trends Academy - 3 Months

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Professional Certification Course in Banking

DURATION: 3 Months

To give best knowledge for selection in Private & Nationalised Banks. We educate & guide people to get guaranteed success in Banking Exams.


■ State-of-the-art infrastructure
■ Air-conditioned classroom
■ Thorough evaluation of students on one to one basis (before the batch starts)
■ Speed test
■ Online test preparation
■ Free study material for all subjects
■ Faculty – Expert in their subjects, specialized in competitive exams training, practical experience of Finance industry
■ Classroom mock tests conducted
■ Doubt-clearing and strategy-building session -on one-to-one basis
■ Morning, Afternoon and Evening classes
■ Regular classes and test series
■ Information on exams & form-filling assistance
■ Innovative teaching methods

Course Modules

Indian Banking System

  1. Introduction and Banking History
  2. Indian Banking & Financial System
  3. Global Banking Finance
  4. Banking Terminologies
  5. Rules & Regulations
  6. Products & Services
  7. Commercial Banking
  8. Retail Banking
  9. Corporate Banking
  10. Merchant Banking
  11. Investment Banking
  12. Certificate Of Deposit
  13. Commercial Paper

Loans & Advances

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Loans
  3. Loans offered by banks in India
  4. Mortgages

Advanced Excel

  1. Overview of the basics
  2. Text functions
  3. Date and time functions
  4. Statistical functions
  5. Logical function
  6. Lookup functions
  7. Sorting & filtering for extracting & analysing data
  8. Miscellaneous topic
  9. Conditional formatting
  10. What if analysis
  11. Table Name manager
  12. Pivot tables
  13. Presenting data using charts

Sales & Marketing Sales

  1. Understanding the talk
  2. Getting Prepared to Make the Call
  3. Creative Openings
  4. Making Your Pitch
  5. Handling Objections
  6. What is Marketing
  7. Common Marketing Types
  8. Communicating the Right Way
  9. Customer Communications
  10. Marketing Goals
  11. The Marketing Funnel
  12. Marketing Mistakes (I)
  13. Wrapping Up