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acca training

ACCA Training

We train the ambitious professionals to crack the fastest growing qualification across the globe so that they can take higher managerial roles and business responsibilities while earning hugely..

DURATION: 60 hrs for each subject

ELIGIBILITY: 10th or 12th

CERTIFICATION: ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is a leading accountancy body and it is a globally accepted in 170+ countries. ACCA Training is so important that it proves that you have understanding in all aspects of business. It is the largest and fastest growing training in the world. Employers all over the world, search for ACCA members to lead their business successfully.

Important facts that you need to know about ACCA Training:

  • ACCA is an International trust with global recognition in the corporate industry. ACCA has also been authorized by The United Nations Body and The European Union.
  • Once you crack a maximum number of 14 exams (written), you will be qualified from ACCA Training. You also need to have industry experience to qualify ACCA Training.
  • A candidate can take a maximum number of 4 exams in each session. You have a total of 10 years to clear the exams. Normally, it takes two to three years to complete the ACCA Training.

Do you think there aren’t enough career opportunities in this field?

  • You will gain knowledge in areas like Financial Statements, Management Accounting, Business Ethics, Law and Audit.
  • This affiliation opens the door to opportunities all over the world.
  • You can work in higher managerial positions in the companies world-wide.
  • You will be in high demand by employers in the industry, banking, auditing, consulting as well as other professions like taxation and law.

Am I at the right place, doing the right course?

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is committed to shape the careers of students. TTA offers ACCA Training and students get certified from ACCA. The academy focuses on developing sound skills of professionals. ACCA Training enables you to think strategically and increase the business awareness. The ACCA Training proves that you have strong ethical integrity and financial knowledge.

Am I getting enough from this course?

  • Job-oriented and practical based training approach
  • Faculty members with good teaching experience
  • Doubt solving sessions for evolution of students
  • Guiding In Career- interview tips, resume writing, etc.

Are you in a dilemma whether you will be placed or not after this course?

Come to Times and Trends Academy, Learn from the experts and get a placement for sure!!

Yes, our students get 100% placements if they have 80% attendance record and 50 % average marks in their respective course. We are really happy to have a 97% placement record!!

These are the students who have witnessed our genuine efforts of offering a highly paid career to the willing aspirants.


Accountant in Business

  1. The Business organization, its stakeholders and the external environment
  2. Business organization structure, function and governance
  3. Accounting and reporting system, control and compilance.
  4. Leading and managing individual and terms
  5. Personal effectiveness and communication in business
  6. Professional ethics in accounting and business

Management Accounting

  1. The nature , sources and purpose of management information
  2. Cost accounting Techniques
  3. Budgeting
  4. Standard costing
  5. Performance measurement

Financial Accounting

  1. The context and purpose of financial reporting
  2. The qualitative characteristic of financial information
  3. The use of double entry & accounting systems
  4. Recording transactions and events
  5. Preparing a trail balance
  6. Preparation simple consolidated financial statements
  7. Interpretation of financial statements

Corporate and Business Law

  1. Essential elements of legal system
  2. International Business transactions
  3. Transportation & payments of International Business transactions
  4. Formation & constitution of business org
  5. Capital and financing of companies
  6. Management, admin & regulation of cos
  7. Insolvency law
  8. Corporate fraudulent and criminal behavior

Performance Management

  1. Specialist cost and management accounting techniques
  2. Decision making techniques
  3. Budgeting and Control
  4. Performance measurement and control


  1. UK Tax System
  2. Income tax & national insurance contributions
  3. Chargeable gains for individuals
  4. Tax administration for individuals
  5. Inheritance Tax
  6. Corporate Tax
  7. Value added tax

Financial Reporting

■ The conceptual framework
■ The regulatory framework
■ Tangible non-current assets
■ Intangible assets
■ Impairment of assets
■ Revenue
■ Introduction to groups
■ The consolidated statement of financial position
■ The consolidated statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
■ Accounting for associates
■ Financial Instruments, Leasing
■ Provision and events after the reporting period
■ Inventories and biological assets
■ Taxation
■ Presentation of Published financial statements
■ Reporting financial performance
■ Earnings per share
■ Calculation and interpretation of accounting ratios and trends
■ Limitations of financial statements and interpretation techniques
■ Not-for-profit and public sector entities


■ Audit and other assurance engagements
■ Statutory audit and regulation
■ Corporate Governance
■ Professional Ethics & Quality Control Procedures
■ Internal Audit
■ Risk Assessment
■ Audit Planning and Documentation
■ Introduction to Audit Evidence
■ Internal Control
■ Tests of Control
■ Audit procedures and sampling
■ Non-current assets
■ Inventory
■ Receivables
■ Cash and bank
■ Not-for-profit organizations
■ Audit Review and Finalization , Reports

Financial Management

  1. Financial Management Function
  2. Financial Management Environment
  3. Working Capital management
  4. Investment Appraisal
  5. Business finance
  6. Business Valuation
  7. Risk management

Recent Placements


Course: ACCA

Name: Sanjana Sreekumar Raghav

Placed: Got 1st Position In ACCA-F6 In UK

tta placed students

Course: Diploma In Accounts And Finance

Name: Megha Hagawane

Placed: L & T shared Services Pvt Ltd


Course: Diploma In Accounts And Finance

Name: Purvi Solanki

Designation: Executive Assistance – IT

Placed: ROI (Retailing India online) Pvt Ltd.