Fashion Designing Course Details - A Strong Foundation

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Get all the Fashion Designing Course Details

Get all the Fashion Designing Course Details

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is a global institution today. Fashion designing course details the necessary skills and knowledge that students will need in order to make a career in this industry.

Fashion designing course details play a crucial role in helping a student make that life-changing decision of whether they should enroll in this course or not. Listed below is some of the important information that shed light on fashion designing course details.

  1. Fashion Designing Course Details for an Associate’s Degree

For those students who seek a strong foundation in design, fashion, knitwear, visual merchandising, textiles, etc., this course serves to be the perfect start. Students get to learn about the concepts and terminologies that are used in this sector. This fashion designing course details that a student is mandated to complete a professional fashion portfolio to be eligible for graduation. This course also opens doors to employment opportunities with an Associate of Arts degree. Fashion designing course details

–    Sewing

–     Fashion illustration

–    Pattern development and

–    Fashion merchandising, as essential subjects.

  1. Fashion Designing Course Details for a Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in fashion designing is a 4-year program that focuses on individual students’ vision and skills.  Students learn to engage their own concepts in group work and are introduced to the art of rendering, pattern creation, illustration, etc. At a bachelor’s level, a fashion designing course details the foundation of this subject, from its history to its evolution over time. Trend analysis is an integral part of this curriculum and is used to identify and predicts fashion trends. The highlights of this course are as follows:

–    It deals with visual merchandising

–    Educates students about fashion journalism

–    Acquaints students with the principles of fashion designing

–    Graphic design forms an important element

–    Knowledge of visual merchandising is also imparted to students

  1. Fashion Designing Course Details for a Master’s Degree

A master level degree in fashion designing consolidates the learning from a bachelor’s degree to that with advanced knowledge of fashion design. Apart from honing their creative skills, students learn about the business side of fashion. With a Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA), students graduate with a set of expertise and knowledge that spans:

–    Marketing in the fashion world

–    Business management of fashion and designs

–    Advanced fashion design knowledge

–    Advanced styling

–    Fashion Journalism

–    Sewing techniques

–    Pattern development

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