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Prineeth Grewal , Mrs India Earth -2016 – First Impression Session

Prineeth Grewal , Mrs India Earth -2016 – First Impression Session

Prineeth Grewal, Mrs. India Earth 2016, recently visited Times and Trends Academy, one of the premier academies, and interacted with students, faculties, and directors. Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy, said, “Given the importance of personal grooming in today’s competitive world, it has become imperative for every student to understand the importance of personal grooming. Today, people cannot just survive on knowledge alone. Each of us needs personal grooming, and who better than Prineeth can enlighten our students on this ‘Personal Grooming’ session. I think it was a brilliant session and we will surely follow the tips that she offered.”

The auditorium was fully packed with the audience. TTA students were seen in a great enthusiasm during the session. They were very interactive since they asked questions, and were also seen answering questions that Prineeth asked.

Prineeth said, “First impression is very important since all of us form an image/opinion about the person as soon as we meet him/her.” She asked to the audience, “How much time do people take to form a first impression?” To this, a variety of answers came from the audience. And Prineeth replied, “People judge you in less than 1/10th of a second by the way you dress or carry yourself. Today, people are so fast; they form an image of a person before actually meeting them in real. They tend to visit their social media profiles, and make an opinion about the person by what they see and read on the Internet.”

Prineeth, who is an HR by profession, also shared anecdotes about her life. Prineeth has pursued her MBA from Symbiosis, and have also had a chance to meet ex-Prime Minister of India when she was 16. She offered three tips to the audience on personal grooming. “The first and foremost thing is the way you carry yourself because people really notice how you dress-up and carry the personality. One needs to eat well, live well and dress well. We need to be dressed up really well because you never know an opportunity can knock your door anytime. The second most important thing is body language. The way we carry ourselves, smile, respond, etc. is very crucial. And the third important thing is what we say. Our words play an important role because we need to be very precise in what we say. We need to frame sentences in our minds before saying anything, and it our words should have the right impact required.”

She also continued by offering an additional tip, “One magic tip that always works is that people should compliment other people in any way possible. This creates a good impression about you in their minds.”

One of the TTA students, Saee Deshpande, said, “I loved the session. These tips are so helpful. Prineeth ma’am was absolutely wonderful. And Thank you, Amit sir and Times and Trends Academy for organizing such a fabulous session for us.”

Times and Trends Academy is one of the premier vocational training academies to offer courses like Fashion Designing, Fashion Styling, Fashion Boutique Management, Interior Designing, Interior Business Management, Event Management, Animation, Graphic Designing, Jewellery Designing, and Finance & Accounts.

TTA focuses on providing sound technical knowledge to the students along with building soft skills, and this allows 360-degree development in the student that lets them achieve success in their careers. Around 10,000-plus students have passed from TTA in the last 12 years.