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“The Best-Kept Secret of Great Communicators” Workshop That Gave Away Secrets of Super Successful People

“There’s a big difference between communicating and talking. There’s a big difference between hearing and listening. And people who understand such differences are the ones who are super successful today. Want to know these secrets?” Amit Agrawal asked the audience. And the audience replied to this question with a big ‘yes’ in unison.

Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA), conducted a 2-day comprehensive workshop “The Best-Kept Secret of Great Communicators” for students, professionals and entrepreneurs. The workshop was jammed by the audience for both the days. It was conducted at Fame Hall, Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

“Just look at great leaders in the world, you will find one striking familiarity amongst all of these guys: they are exceptional communicators. When these people talk, they make sure that their ideas resonate with the audience, and the message they deliver is crystal clear. Great communicators evoke emotion, inspiration, and motivation in the audience. They understand the importance of the correct message to be delivered unaltered to the audience,” said Amit Agrawal.

“Communication skills are important regardless of the age, designation and profession. People usually carry misconceptions that communication is only necessary for people holding higher designations. This is a myth. You need good communication skills to crack an interview, you need good communication skills to crack a sales deal, and you need good communication skills to negotiate for a better deal,” continued Amit.

“Well, we spend our most of the time in interacting with other people. They can be clients, bosses, teachers, audience, vendors, colleagues, juniors, family, friends, etc. And we have to communicate with these people on a regular basis. And if they don’t understand what we say, we are probably losing our important time and efforts. A person who does not have good communication skills will probably lose an interview, a job opportunity, a business deal, or even an important relationship.”

“Tomorrow, let’s imagine that you become a manager, and you are not able to communicate work to your teammates, then your job will be in the line of fire because of the poor communication. Most of the organizations that I have worked with face a lot of issues just because of poor communication. Communication is very significant regardless the level, so be it interpersonal, intragroup, intergroup, intra-organization, inter-organization, etc. it will always be very crucial.”

Amit Agrawal also added gave insights on why it is necessary for a leader to be a great communicator. He said leaders need to motivate people and connect directly. If a manager fails to motivate his employees, it’s because he doesn’t have great communication skills. Rinki Gupta, one of the students from fashion designing course, asked, “What qualities are required to become a great leader?” To this Amit replied, “Great leaders have impeccable observation skills. They are very aware of situations around them. They understand the context; they acknowledge the emotional levels of the audience. They are great listeners. They can feel the pulse of their audience and deliver accordingly. And these qualities make a great leader.”

Amit demonstrated his concepts with various presentations and videos that were really intriguing. He emphasized on the fact that communication is not domain-specific. He said, “Even a good sports coach has to be a great communicator. A person can be a good sport-player himself, but may or may not be a good coach. Therefore, not all good sportsperson happen to be great coaches. The reason is the lack of communication skills.”

Students were also engaged in many group activities. Question and answer session followed after the group activity. Amit answered many doubts of students. Anuj, an interior design student, said “It was an amazing experience to learn the communication secrets. I think it will be very helpful to me to crack a job interview. It will also help me deal with clients when I start my own fashion label. I am thankful to Times and Trends Academy (TTA) and Amit Sir for such an amazing workshop.”

The workshop “The Best-Kept Secret of Great Communicators” explained the secrets of great achievers of success, the secrets of the prosperous, happy, wealthy yet peaceful people.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) organizes various valuable workshops which are career-oriented helping the students to be much more competent and employable by sharpening their skills. TTA being one of the reputed academies offers courses like Animation, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewellery Design, Event Management, Finance and Accounts, etc. The Chairman and Owner, Mr. Amit Agrawal has mentored above 10,000 students and entrepreneurs to shape their careers. The workshop of communication techniques have held amazingly successful.