Capital Market Course - Lesson On Equity Capital Market

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Know More About Capital Market Courses

Know More About Capital Market Courses

What is a Capital Market?

Capital Market is defined as the market where sellers and buyers get together to trade financial securities like stocks and bonds. This buying and selling are undertaken by either individuals or institutions.  The purpose of capital markets is to channel surplus funds from individuals to institutions for further investment. Capital markets comprise of primary markets and secondary markets.

Capital Market Course: Content

Capital market course is available in plenty for students and professionals to both educate themselves and to upgrade their existing skills. Depending on the level of expertise that you seek, one can choose from a long-term or a short-term program, but there are certain topics that will be common across the capital market course; these are the fundamentals of the capital market.

Capital Market Course: Introduction

For the uninitiated, It aims to introduce the student to the various aspects of this subject. It starts with first grasping the basics of the financial markets and its elements. This includes getting to learn about concepts like assets and liabilities, balance sheet, classification of markets, the intermediaries involved, the world of stock exchanges and many more. The introductory modules of capital market course are focused on giving a brief overview to the students of what this market is made up of.

Capital Market Course: Module II

The second stage in this course is a lesson on equity capital markets. This involves learning about the book value and market value of stocks, the concept of a stock split and reverse split, stock dividends, the voting rights involved, etc. It also gives learners a glimpse of convertible preferred shares.

Capital Market Course: Module III

The third segment of the course is about the bond market and the concept of debt. This sheds light on the understanding of coupons and its valuation, the floating rate bonds, the plain vanilla debt, zero coupons, premium bonds, yields and so on. This section also educates students about the rating agencies and their roles in this market.

Capital Market Course: Module IV

The foundation of mutual funds and pension funds are laid in this module. This segment is taught after the students have grasped the formerly mentioned topics in capital market course. This covers in detail such topics as the categorization of funds, the various ratios, the concept of exchange-traded funds, net asset value, open and close-ended funds, etc.