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How can ACCA Redefine Your Career?

How can ACCA Redefine Your Career?

What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a UK body that offers global certification in the area of accountancy which can be attained through an ACCA course.

What is an ACCA Course all about?

This course prepares students in the field of taxation, accountancy, audit, pricing, internal audit, etc. and is accepted in more than 78 countries and has over 80 partnerships with international accountancy bodies. An ACCA course can land a professional preferential status of migration to many countries like Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.

One does not require being a Chartered Accountant to join the course. 10+2 qualification is a minimum qualification needed. Given its value in the global market, the ACCA exam is held to the highest of standards keeping in mind the high professional standards it mandates adherence to.

Elements of an ACCA Course

This course is very exhaustive in nature and comprises three levels: Knowledge, Professional, and Skills. It has subjects that deal with the fundamental knowledge of accounting, management, and finance. There is a diploma in accounting and business that prepares the students for exams that are of a much-advanced nature. An ACCA course further incorporates areas of research and analysis for those interested in venturing into those fields.

Having a Commerce background for an ACCA course is not compulsory, but having a prior academic background in the subject, qualifies a student from getting exempted from some fundamental papers. This, however, is limited only to the basic papers as there are no exemptions that are allowed the Professional level.

Benefits of an ACCA Course

The fact that the course is not restricted by the boundaries of isolated markets but is instead universal in its application of accounting rules adds more value to the course. The intelligently set course structure and the very strict standards of evaluation mean that only the best in the field get to flaunt this qualification.

At the end of the course, the students will display an absolute grasp of knowledge in the field, making the income prospects highly attractive. In India, due to the presence of several financial KPOs, the country is seeing huge demands for ACCA qualified professionals.

In this course, in-depth knowledge and understanding of accounting standards and norms can be attained. The skills gained through this course are not restricted to any one industry or sector, and hence the options of moving to and from different sectors are left open, making this course even more alluring.

Times & Trends Academy is one of the best institutes to offer ACCA training and has an impeccable track record. Want to know further? Contact us now!