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BSc Animation Course for Next-gen Animators

BSc Animation Course for Next-gen Animators

What is Animation?

Animation is a process whereby one can make illusions of motion and change by means of rapidly showcasing a set of images that are static and differ only in a small way. This method brings life to characters and gives the impression that the subject is in motion.

What do I learn in a B.Sc Animation course?

Under the B.Sc Animation course, students understand the technical and creative aspects of Animation, Motion Graphics for film, VFX, Broadcast, etc. The BSc animation course is for three years, and students get to learn about 3D digital art and VFX visualization as well.

What are the Objectives of a B.Sc Animation Course?

The specialized course in BSc Animation serves as the foundation for the in-depth learning of technology in the creation of art and giving it the feel of bringing it to life. As a BSc Animation graduate, you will be able to use techniques like 2D-hand drawing, 2D Computer generated designs, 3D computer generated designs, model animation techniques, stop-motion animation techniques to make animation sequences.

Skills needed to succeed in a B.Sc Animation course

Any student hoping to enroll for a BSc Animation course must have a sense of creativity, good observational skills along with the patience for sketching and drawing.  One must also have the ability to get into the character. BSc Animation students must possess excellent communication skills, teamwork skills, and the required software skills as well.

BSc Animation Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a B.Sc Animation degree, students have to have a minimum of 10+2 education. Some institutions accept Diploma in Animation as a valid qualification for admission for BSc Animation.

BSc Animation Syllabus

The syllabus for a B.Sc Animation incorporates papers on pre-production, drawing and composition, media aesthetics, media management, digital imaging, basics of 2D and 3D animation, etc.

Students of BSc Animation get to learn the basics of colors, visual effects, advanced digital graphics, and computer animation.

Prospects of Jobs

Professionals with a BSc Animation degree have a good job market to look forward to with the growth and reach of the media and entertainment industry. The Indian media and entertainment sector reached INR 1457 billion last year and is only expected to grow further. In such a scenario, the demand for quality animation graduates is seen to be at the peak.

Those interested in creativity and technology can pursue their dream career backed by a degree in BSc Animation. Times & Trends Academy is one of the premiere academies to offer BSc degree in animation. Are you interested in pursuing Animation course after 12th? Find list of courses or Contact now to know more!