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Why is ACCA Course in Demand?

Why is ACCA Course in Demand?

What is an ACCA Course?

ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a leading accounting body that is relevant internationally. The certification from an ACCA course is recognized globally with the same reverence regardless of which country a candidate takes the ACCA course.

The successful completion of an ACCA course qualifies a candidate to join this group of over 500,00 members and students that spans about 170 countries and earns you the certification of being well versed in all aspects of business accounting.

What Do I study in an ACCA Course?

There are three main elements that make up an ACCA course.

Firstly, the course comprises close to 14 exams, with some exemptions. If a student has already completed accountancy or business related degree from a university, they qualify to be exempted from taking some of the examinations from the listed 14.

Second, it requires students to show 36 months of relevant work experience in the finance and accounting domain.

The third and final component of this course mandates students to adhere to the professional ethics module listed in the ACCA course.

How Do I Benefit with an ACCA Certification?

Getting an ACCA qualification is a stepping stone to becoming a Chartered Accountant and opens up various avenues for jobs in the financial management area. An ACCA certification is the professional stamp of approval of your skills and expertise in the financial sector and also a much-needed boost for progress to the higher management positions. Not to forget, ACCA boasts the largest professional body globally with over 500,000 members and students that come from over 170 different countries.

What are Job Prospects Post Completing an ACCA Course?

An ACCA course certificate allows candidates to venture in to profiles in the banking and financial sector as auditors, consultants, industry experts and taxation gurus. It also creates work opportunities in the area of corporate law. These certifications have immense value in an organizations management and strategy teams as they candidates are not only theoretically sound but are backed with relevant work experience in the field as well.

The high standard of assessment and curriculum earns this course distinction amongst all finance related courses.

The Flexibility of an ACCA Course

The ACCA exams are conducted twice a year and thus allow students to pursue this course while they are engaged in a fulltime job.

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