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ABCs of ACCA Certification

ABCs of ACCA Certification

What is ACCA

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA as it is commonly referred to as is a prime international accountancy body. An ACCA certification is recognized globally and treated with the same regard in each country.

How Can I Acquire an ACCA Certification?

For candidates interested in pursuing an ACCA certification course, it is important to know that there are three accounting and business qualifications that students can choose from. These are a Diploma in Accounting and Business, an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business and for the Graduate level, one can enrol in a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting which is provided by one University.

If a student has already successfully completed an undergraduate degree with the specialization in Finance, chances are that they may have covered the basics of an ACCA certification course. It will be a good idea to inquire with the designated institute to consider those subjects when you join this course.

What Qualifies Me to Become an ACCA Member?

One has to complete the ACCA certification exam successfully to be eligible to become an ACCA member.

Students have to meet the required professional ethical standards in order to be considered for membership.

Furthermore, candidates will have to show a total of 36 months’ relevant work experience in an accounting or financial profile. This also entails finishing the mandated nine performance objectives, or one can also claim the objective exemption of an approved employer performance.  Finally, the practical experience supervisor will have to sign off on all your necessary experience.

What are Essential Objectives in Getting an ACCA Certification?

There are two main objectives that a candidate must fulfil to be handed an ACCA certification.

  1. The Essential Objectives: Performance

One has to comply with the following standards in their performance, and at all times maintain professionalism and abide by ethics to qualify for an ACCA certification. There must be the highest regard when engaging in stakeholder relationship management, leadership, governance and risk and control. These ethics extend to functions of strategies and innovations as well.

  1. The Essential Objectives: Technical

Technical objectives that require adherence to an ACCA certification include

  • Corporate Reporting (preparing external financial reports, analysis and interpretation of reports)
  • Financial Reporting (Evaluating, managing investment and financial risk)
  • Sustainable Management Accounting (Evaluating, planning and monitoring performance)
  • Taxation (Computation, assessment, compilation, planning)
  • Audit and Assurance (Planning the audit process, collection, and evaluation of evidence for audit, review of reports)

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