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5 Reasons why you should pursue a Career in Event Management

5 Reasons why you should pursue a Career in Event Management

If you are wondering why take up a diploma in event management, and pursue a career in event management, we’ll give you 5 solid and encouraging reasons for it. Actually, there are many! However, these five will prove helpful enough for you to make an informed career decision in event management.

What is Event Management?

Resist your temptation of jumping to the reasons directly. At the outset, understand what event management is, and what all the does the profession, in terms of professional abilities, and soft attributes would demand from you.

Event management, in the last couple of decades, has evolved from being a second profession (sort of an offbeat career) to a mainstream career option and serious business that involves of investment worth millions and billions of rupees.

The profession deals with understanding, planning, designing, organising, and executing events in a timely and professional manner. As an event manager, you will deal with a wide range of events, such as social events, weddings, corporate events, private parties, festive events, and many others.

You can either work as a specialized event manager, or deal with multiple ones based on your choice, experience, and abilities.

Further, as events have become a significant element of everyone’s life; their association with people’s emotions has strengthened over the years. So, as an event manager, you won’t just manage events, but contribute to people’s happiness. That makes your role even more critical and the event management an essential element of the modern-day society.

Event Manager Attributes

Take a look at what attributes you must have and you’ll have to develop to achieve success as an events manager.

  • People Management Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Listening Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Organised Behavior
  • Ability to under pressure.
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Decision-Making Abilities and Skills

5 Reasons to join the Event Management Industry

So, here we go with the top five reasons why joining the event management industry is one of the best choices you can make these days.

1) It’s growing!

Experts consider the events industry as a sunrise industry. It is owing to its exponential growth in the past few years, and in the years to come.

As per a report from the Events and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the industry is expected to reach the 10000 crore INR mark by the year 2021!

Its expansion in the mini metros and tier 3 cities of India has boosted the industry’s growth across the country. Besides, the influx of foreign companies, along with the emergence of a lot of regional players in the corporate space, has proved momentous to its growth all through the years.

So, you will be a part of an ever-growing, promising, and lucrative industry.

2) The Excitement never ends here!

Regardless of whether you are handling a serious corporate event, or working for a birthday party, your life would always remain hectic yet exciting. You’ll have good and bad experiences at work. However, you’ll love the excitement, and you’ll keep working passionately.

Besides, events give you a chance to flaunt your creativity. It isn’t a mechanical or a monotonous job. You may have a list of birthday parties or weddings to look after. But, you’ll be dealing with different people for it, demanding different ideas, concepts, and which is where you get a chance to be creative.

3) You get to Travel a lot!

The farther your outreach, the better you stand a chance of working for outdoor projects. So, you get to travel a lot, visit different places, comes across different cultures, and most importantly, get paid for all of it! So, although for business, you’ll travel a lot and enjoy it.

4) You get a lot of Work Satisfaction

As an events manager, you’ll work on events projects for weeks, perhaps, in some cases, even months. Hence, it is immensely satisfying to see your investment turning fruitful and earning rewards for it in the form of customer satisfaction.

A lot of events professionals claim that pulling off a high-profile, critical, and expensive event well is a highly satisfying, gratifying, and pleasant experience!

5) You build High Profile Contacts

Imagine you discussing an event with the CEO of a company, and the CEO personally thanking for a well-managed event!

It seems incredible, isn’t it? But, that’s the beauty of the events industry.

You come in close contact with a lot of high profile people, celebrities, sportspersons, and politicians. Close connections with these people give you a chance to build long-lasting business relations with them, and get even more remunerative projects, and popularity.

Conclusion – TTA Event Management Diploma

So, you’ve got your five reasons to join the events industry. Now, the question, from where do you start your career in event management?

The answer is TTA, one of the leading event management colleges in Pune. TTA offers a competitive event management course and continues to build a lot of successful event management careers. It provides 100% placement assistance and transforms you into a comprehensive event professional.