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The Trainer Mastery : Learn To Be A Trainer Who Motivates The Crowd

‘The Trainer Mastery’

workshop organized by Amit Agrawal, a Business and Career Coach, at Times and Trends Academy (TTA) for all students, and aspirants who want to be certified professional trainers. Amit, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA), said, “The Trainer Mastery workshop will be very helpful for anyone and everyone who is interested in becoming an influential trainer regardless of any specific domain.”

‘The Trainer Mastery’ workshop was conducted for people aspiring to become trainers, public speakers, professors, managers, business coach, career coach, consultants, etc. Amit Agrawal said, “I have no doubt that you guys might be the subject experts, but the workshop is more about the delivery part, and not the content. To be a great trainer, you need to have both content and delivery in place. And if you mess up with the delivery part, then the impact on the audience is bare minimum.”

Mr. Amit discussed various ways that would help the audience become effective trainers. In addition to the training, Times and Trends Academy (TTA) also offered Professional Certification to all aspirants who enrolled for the program. He said, “One of my client who was into IT wanted me to train him to become an effective trainer. Now, this guy had around more than 12 years of experience. His new job role required him to train hundreds of trainees every week. No doubt he was amazing when it came to technical skills, but he wasn’t a great at imparting training sessions. And this became a major challenge for him.”

Amit Continued, “This is the typical scenario where you have amazing content, but the delivery is missing. We live in an era where product and packaging have equal importance. In my client’s case, the product was unbelievable, but did the packaging deliver any justice to the product? I hope you guys get my drift now. And yes, after this very program, my client has been able to conduct more powerful training sessions. And I do get his regular positive feedbacks.”

Amit touched upon various points that would help the aspirants understand the dynamics of being an effective trainer. He also undertook an exercise with the audience. The audience was quite engaged in the exercise. It was a group task. He said, “There are varieties of methods that keep the audience hooked on to your session. Some of those are exercises, assignments, tasks, etc.” He came up with brilliant techniques of developing engaging training sessions that facilitate the learning process. The audience enjoyed the session.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) conducts career-oriented workshops that make students more employable in the industry. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the most reputed institutes when it comes to courses like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation. Amit Agrawal has mentored more than ten thousands of students, entrepreneurs for more than a decade now.

The Trainer Mastery
The Trainer Mastery
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