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‘The Sales Mastery’ Workshop By Amit Agrawal For Aspirants Willing To Learn Rocket Sales

“The Sales Mastery “

“Research by some leading educational institutes and Research Agencies points out a startling fact: Around 82% of the sellers are not on the same page with the buyers. The study further reveals that the firms that alter their sales team according to the Product Life Cycle will tend to be more successful than others,” said Amit Agrawal while conducting a workshop on ‘The Sales Mastery’ recently at Times and Trends Academy (TTA). Amit Agrawal made many such attention-grabbing disclosures during the workshop and gave valuable insights to all the students.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the top most elite institutes when it comes to courses like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation. The institute organized a workshop for students on

‘The Sales Mastery’.

The workshop was designed to address the problems that an amateur entrepreneur is likely to face. The focus of the workshop was majorly towards Sales. Over 300 students, mostly youth, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, professors attended the workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA). Students and aspiring entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds like Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Jewelry Designing, Event Management and Finance Courses attended the workshop.

Amit Agrawal said, “Sales does largely depend on the attitude of the salesperson and not the prospect.” He defined sales for the audience in the layman’s terms. Amit Agrawal said, “Sales is a method to induce a prospect into buying, which results in surplus. The surplus will take care of the operational costs, salaries, acquiring new assets, marketing costs and making investments. And it is vital to creating assets with a value for the long term.

The audience was exposed to various dimensions of Sales and Entrepreneurship. Amit could relate his story and experiences with the concepts that he illustrated. The audience was more than intrigued by the workshop.

Amit Agrawal, who himself have faced many hurdles on his journey to become an entrepreneur, shared examples that would prove beneficial for the students on their road to success. He gave pro sales tips that would help the budding entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges on their journey.

Amit Agrawal went on to add that, “As a sales person, you should be aware of the needs of the buyer. You should know a lot about him. This is how you can take care of the problems of the buyers, and then pitching your product as a solution.”

The idea behind the workshop was to encourage the students and show them the right direction to move ahead so that they reach their goals that they have set. Amit stressed on the fact that for an entrepreneur, it is important to cultivate a mindset, a mindset that is focused on growth, perseverance, and integrity. An entrepreneur has to put in efforts dedicatedly along with equal blood and sweat to establish himself.

Amit added, “A great sales force is the key to successful business.” He advised the students to get ready for denials in sales as that will be part and parcel of their life. He said that over the time, people would be able to take it as a challenge rather than a rejection. Sooner the people realize this; sooner they will be able to scale their businesses to new heights.

Amit also added that he had to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach the position that he is at. He said, “I have worked overnights, put in a lot of efforts to reach this place. I have put a lot of money to educate myself about various dimensions in operating a business. My intention is that the students and aspiring entrepreneurs who are attending this workshop are capable of easily overcoming the challenges that I have faced.”

Harshal, an aspiring entrepreneur, said, “I am quite motivated by this amazing workshop. I am sure this will help me and lot of people like me to set up the business in an organized manner.” Another youngster, Husain said, “The workshop was thoughtful and very easy to relate. Unlike other workshops, this one really came with great content. I am thankful to Amit Agrawal to conduct such helpful workshops that guided me well.”

‘The Sales Mastery’ is one of the numerous workshops organized by Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA). He delivers workshops on regular intervals that have helped hundreds of students and aspiring entrepreneurs in the past to establish them in the industry, and Amit continues to do so.

The Sales Mastery
The Sales Mastery
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